5 of the Best New Pet Products in 2019

By Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Dig this… a portion of this post is sponsored, but opinions are my own and 110% “pawthentic”!

Spring officially begins this week! That means a trip to the Global Pet Expo in Orlando. I can’t think of a better way to welcome in the new season than by talking about how to keep our furry family members happy and healthy.

Last week I visited Daytime television to give you a sneak peek of some paw-some new pet products coming out at the Global Pet Expo!

5 New Pet Products for Happy, Healthy Pets

1. Bonding Through Play

Playing together is a great way to keep our pets healthy and to strengthen the bond we have with them. Let’s face it though; playtime can be exhausting (at least for us humans).

As the years’ pass, Chilly still manages to have more stamina than I do. That’s one reason why we both love playing with his Chuckit toys. Because the launcher makes it easy to throw the toys over and over, we can play fetch to his furry heart’s content and my arm is never too tired to keep going. Picking the toys up with the launcher also spares my hand from a good dose of doggy drool!Chilly will love his new toys from Chuckit!

There’s nothing I love more than the happy look on Chilly’s face when he’s running after a toy I’ve launched for him. I like to rotate his toys occasionally to make playtime even more exciting for him. Thankfully the Chuckit line has a wide variety of toys, and they keep coming up with new ones too.

Last year Chuckit introduced the new UltraRing for the Chuckit Ring Chaser, and they have more exciting new toys coming later this spring. Chilly and I can’t wait to try the Ultra Fetch Stick ( look for it on petmate.com in May) and the Ring Flight (which features a unique flight pattern) coming in June.

If you already own the Chuckit launcher, you’ll be happy to know that these new products are compatible! So you won’t need to worry about buying and storing a different launcher.

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Keep your pets happy and healthy with these 5 new pet products!

2. Mentally Engaging Treats

What dog doesn’t love getting a treat? I’m a big fan of using treats and feeding time to give my pets a little mental workout. Over the years, I’ve used lots of puzzle feeders and similar products to keep Chilly’s mind engaged. This can be a great boredom buster. Another plus is the exercise he gets instead of just lying around waiting for food to come his way.Keep your dog active and engaged with the Twist-In Treat!

This June, dog parents will have a new option to make treat time fun for their pups. The JW Twist-In-Treat is a tough, easy-to-grip chew that’s made to stand up to rough play. Just insert the treat, twist to lock it in place, and watch your dog’s brain go to work. Does your dog solve these puzzles quickly? That’s not a problem! There are customizable levels of difficulty to keep those puzzle masters busy a little longer.

3. Creature Comforts

Some dogs and their parents wouldn’t dream of spending the night anywhere but snuggled up together. Others pre-fur a little more space. For pups who like to keep to themselves at night, or those who just need a comfy place to curl up in the family room, Petmate and La-Z-Boy have teamed up to bring us the ultimate, human quality dog bed.Your pet will love this La-Z-Boy pet bed!

Does your pooch like to curl up nice and tight? Does he prefer to sleep sprawled on his back with legs pointing in every direction? The La-Z-Boy collection includes beds to fit every size and sleep style. And since we want nothing but the best for our dogs, these beds are made with the same quality construction, materials, and fills you’d find in their human furnishings.

4. Anxiety Relief

Studies show that well over half of our pets, both dogs and cats, suffer from some form of anxiety. It can be triggered by many different things, such as noises, car rides, grooming, or separation.

ThunderWorks is an amazing company that I discovered a few years ago while searching for treatments for Chilly’s anxiety. They make easy to use, drug-free calming solutions, and they’re vet-recommended.

Thunderworks has released this great new product on my 5 of the Best New Products in 2019!If you’ve read my blog posts on pet anxiety, you’ve probably heard me talk about the ThunderShirt. It’s a calming wrap for dogs and cats that applies gentle pressure to help ease anxiety. ThunderWorks products also include ThunderWunders calming chews and gel, and ThunderEase which mimics natural pheromones that make dogs and cats feel safe and secure.

ThunderWorks now offers a new product for pet anxiety relief. Like all of their products, it can be used alone or in combination with any of their other anxiety solutions. ThunderCloud is a calming noise machine and essential oils diffuser. It features 16 soothing sounds and diffuses lavender, chamomile, and Egyptian geranium. ThunderCloud masks distracting sounds to help your dog sleep better, and its calming blend of oils helps to soothe away his anxiety.

5. High-Quality Food

Ziwi makes handcrafted food for dogs and cats in small batches in their facilities in New Zealand. I love the quality of Ziwi!Ziwi pet food is on my list of the best new products in 2019!

Ziwi pet foods are only made from the best ingredients, and they’re responsibly sourced from the green, free-range farms, and pristine oceans of New Zealand. Ziwi foods provide a complete, balanced diet made up of 96% fresh meat, organs, bone, and seafood. They also contain essential vitamins and minerals and ingredients that support joint health and digestion. A few things you won’t find in Ziwi pet foods include grains, sugars, antibiotics, or growth promotants.

Ziwi’s process of air drying their food is another thing that I love about it. Air drying is a technique that has been used for centuries. The result is a food that’s as nutrient dense and digestible as a raw diet. It protects the nutrition of the ingredients while eliminating harmful bacteria such as salmonella. This process means Ziwi pet foods have a 21-month shelf life – without the need for artificial preservatives!

Which pet product are you excited to try?

This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions and anecdotes are my own, and I never promote any products or brands I don’t believe in. ~Petfully yours, Kristen