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Welcome, pet-lover, to the place to discover everything you need to be the best pet parent you can be and live a happier, healthier life with your pets at every stage of the journey.

We’ve created a sort of “travel guide” for every age and stage of your pet’s life, with problem solving and product recommendations to keep your best friends strong and vibrant all along the way.

Join tens of thousands of fellow pet-obsessed pet parents as we walk this joyous journey together with our pets.

Pet Living with Kristen Levine

I’m Kristen, a pet-parenting expert and a pet advocate. With more than 30 years as a pet parent and expert, I speak everything pet — and I love to help cut through the noise and confusion about what’s best for your dog or cat to ensure you can provide your furry loved ones the very best care at all stages of their lives.

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Your Journey with Your Pet

Our furry friends have different needs at every stage of their lives.

So we’ve created pages to help you dig up and sniff out exactly the information you need for the leg of the journey you’re on.

Man Feeding Cat
Photo Of A Gray And White Striped Kitten Laying In A Woman's Lap Sleeping


Kittens need a lot of specialized attention and care to get them off to a purrrrrrfect start in life. Check out these kitten-specific articles to find exactly what you need.

Photo Of An Orange Cat Laying On The Kitchen Floor


Keep your adult cat pawsitively happy and healthy every day with our best advice for dealing with common kitty issues, tips for building your relationship with your cat, and our favorite products for adult cats.

Photo Of A Gray And White Cat Laying In A Woman's Lap Getting His Chin Scratched In Front Of The Fireplace


Meow more than ever, your cat needs particular care to keep them feline fine. Dig into these senior-specific articles to address common issues and special needs of senior cats.

Photo Of A Red Dog With A Man On A Hiking Trail
Photo Of A Puppy Playing With A Person And A Ball


Get the ball rolling for a long and happy life with your pup with articles on solving common puppy problems, our best tips for life with a new pup, and our favorite puppy products.

Photo Of A Yellow Laborador Standing Outside With A Woman


Unleash your adult dog’s full potential for a long and happy life with these articles, tips, and products for the top dog in your life.

Photo Of A Senior Black Labrador Laying On A Dog Bed


Teach an old dog some new tricks and keep your senior dog wagging along with advice on senior-specific questions, tips for a long and happy life, and recommended products.

Explore Categories

With Cats

Photo Of A Cat Inside A Cardboard Box

Cat Anxiety

If your cat is fearful or stressed, discover pet anxiety tools, resources, and advice that can help you create a calmer kitty.

Photo Of A Black And White Cat Drinking Water From A Bowl

Health & Safety

Have questions on how to keep your kitty companion healthy, happy and safe? Our trusted experts have the answers!

Photo Of A Gray And Cream Striped Cat Digging His Claws Into A Couch

Cat Behavior

Ever wonder why your kitty does what she does? Uncover the secrets of cat behavior and get advice on her most purr-plexing problems.

With Dogs

Photo Of A Dog Under A Blanket

Dog Anxiety

If your dog suffers from fear, anxiety, or stress, there is hope! Learn how to help your best friend with this one-stop guide to education, tools, resources, and expert advice.

Photo Of A Black Labrador Giving High-fives To The Vet

Health & Safety

When it comes to your pet’s health, don’t bark up the wrong tree! Get trusted advice on everything from basic dog care to safety do’s and don’ts.

Photo Of A Boston Terrier In A Bathroom With A Chewed Up Door

Dog Behavior

Barking, marking, and chewing… oh, my! Dig up the reasons behind your dog’s behaviors and what you can do to build better ones for the future.

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