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What I’m All About

I’m Kristen Levine. I speak everything pet — and I love to bring my knowledge, connections, and expertise to YOU, the pet parent looking to give their pet the best life possible at every stage.

When you join the Pet Living family, you get the distinguished privilege of receiving exclusive content on the very topics that concern you most, including:

  • Pet anxiety causes and solutions
  • Behavioral issues, like litter box training and indoor peeing
  • Exclusive discounts and giveaways
  • Pet product trends
  • Interviews with veterinary and industry professionals

As a fellow pet-lover, I welcome you to Pet Living and I’m so glad to have you here!

Having a “ruff” time with your furry family member? We can help!

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Dear Tabby

I’m “paw”-tnering with World’s Best Cat Litter™! Submit your crazy kitty questions — that you’ve never had the furballs to ask.

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