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Pet Living with Kristen Levine was created out of a desire to be a trusted and reliable guide for pet parents seeking information, advice or product recommendations. Our mission is to support you on your pet parenting journey and help you and your pets live happier and healthier together! 

Equally important to our mission is our commitment to transparency and accuracy. While no single piece of advice or product recommendation is the perfect solution for all dogs or cats, the latest information from experts and new or innovative pet products can positively impact your life and that of your pets.

As Pet Living Experts, we often have first-hand experience with new and innovative products before they even reach the shelves! We know which brands are tried and true, and which are up and coming. And it’s our privilege to share that insider information with our readers, in the hopes of making your lives better together. 

Our Founder’s Promise

Every article you read on Pet Living is well-researched and, when necessary, experts are consulted to review and fact check articles. Our primary goal is to support, inform, and inspire dog and cat parents. We are dedicated to providing content that is not only informative but also enriches the life of both you and your pets.

Opinions, stories and anecdotes are my own or those of our expert contributors. We often include related or shared experiences with us by friends, family, and colleagues. We pour our passion for pets and their well-being into every article and recommendation.

And when the well-being of our beloved pets is at stake, I personally share your passion for authenticity and integrity. I, too,  want only the best for our furry family members. That’s why I carefully select our contributors and partnerships with brands and companies that earn my trust and meet my high standards. 

Rest assured that any product or brand we recommend is one that we would happily use for our own pets. If we don’t believe in a product or brand, you won’t hear about it on Pet Living.

Below is a list of trusted partners with whom Pet Living with Kristen Levine has been or is currently affiliated :

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Project Watson



American Pet Products Association

Fear Free

Senior Tail Waggers


Deley Naturals


Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Influencer Program

When content is sponsored or when we include affiliate links, we will always make this clear in our posts. Sponsored content is subject to strict guidelines for honesty and authenticity. I want to ensure that you always receive genuine and useful information.

Remember, every pet is different in so many ways. What worked for our dogs and cats may not work with your pets. Take the time to thoroughly research each brand or product and get your veterinarian’s advice before trying anything new with your beloved furry members of your family.

Finally, your thoughts and opinions matter to us at Pet Living. Feel free to reach out if you have concerns, questions, or suggestions about the products or brands featured here or if you simply want to share victories, small or big, with your pets—whether it’s your adopted puppy’s first outdoor potty or your cat’s healthy check up – we love to hear it all!

~Petfully Yours, Kristen

Founder, Pet Living with Kristen Levine

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