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Both cats and dogs can experience fear, stress, and anxiety (FAS) caused by a variety of situations or stimuli.

Understanding FAS symptoms allows us to get them help early on before pet anxiety conditions become more complicated. We’ve compiled resources, advice, and products to help your pet live a happier, healthier life, free from fear, anxiety, and stress.

Photo Of A Dog And Cat Sitting Next To Each Other

Pet Anxiety Awareness

Does Your Dog or Cat Suffer from Fear, Anxiety, or Stress? It’s Time to Call In the Experts.

Photo Of A Cat Inside A Cardboard Box

Cat Anxiety

If your cat is fearful or stressed, discover pet anxiety tools, resources, and advice that can help you create a calmer kitty.

Photo Of A Dog Under A Blanket

Dog Anxiety

If your dog suffers from fear, anxiety, or stress, there is hope! Learn how to help your best friend with this one-stop guide to education, tools, resources, and expert advice.

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