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10 best kitten toys

The 13 Most Purr-fect and Best Kitten Toys for Your New Cat

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Kittens are a cuddly ball of fun, but they’re also a lot of work. They need mental stimulation as well as physical exercise, both of which are critical in helping them develop their mental, social, and mobility skills. 

The best kitten toys will help your cat develop these skills while they play. 

Choosing the right toys can ensure that your kitten gets just what she needs in younger years and beyond. Cats love to play, and we pet parents love to watch them play! With the right toys, your cat will thrive.

In this post, we’ll cover the best kitten toys, including:

  • Interactive kitten toys
  • Kitten teething toys
  • Hide-and-seek games for cats
  • Wand and bouncy toys

How I Pick the Best Kitten Toys

Our four-legged family members need mental stimulation, daily activities, and exercise, all of which responsible pet parents can provide by choosing the right toys. Interactive cat toys also provide valuable bonding time with your fur family.

To choose the best cat toys for your kitten, ask yourself these questions, inspired by these recommendations from the ASPCA:

  • Is this toy made by a reliable manufacturer?
  • Does this toy include small parts that will easily break off during playtime?
  • Is this toy small enough to pose a choking hazard to my kitten?
  • Can this toy hurt my kitten’s soft mouth and gums?
  • Does my kitten have toys to chew, snuggle, and chase?

The 13 kitten toys I’m about to show you were all carefully selected according to the ASPCA’s guidelines. Still, make sure you observe your tiny feline friend carefully during playtime, especially if new or small toys are involved.

With any luck, this list will help you find a kitten toy that your feline will play with over and over again into adulthood!

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Interactive Cat Toys for Your Kitten

Petstages Cat Tracks

This multi-level circle track toy has three tiers, each filled with a bright ball to bat and chase. Its colorful design will attract and hold your kitten’s attention and help satisfy her hunting, chasing, and exercising needs!

The Tower of Tracks is perfect for one or more cats to enjoy. Plus, this cat ball toy is purr-fect for kittens springing into adulthood, as it provides entertainment at any age.

Catstages Tower of Tracks Interactive 3-Tier Cat Toy
  • 3 levels of tracks and 6 brightly colored moving balls for batting, swatting, and pouncing play
  • Small safety bar across the top central opening keeps overly curious kitties from getting stuck while playing with this track toy
  • Made of durable plastic with a non-slip base

Catit Senses Digger

The Catit Senses Digger will motivate your kitten to work for her food, creating healthy eating habits from day one. Designed to stimulate a cat’s senses of sight, smell, taste, and touch, this kitten toy has different-sized tubes that encourage natural pawing motions and daily exercise. Your furry feline can have fun digging out treats and kibble, and you won’t have to worry that your kitten will become a binge-eater.

Additionally, the treat digger’s base is stable, preventing stray pellets and spills, and is easy to clean.

Catit Senses 2.0 Digger Interactive Slow Feeder
  • Uses your cat's natural urge to hunt to make mealtime fun
  • Stimulates natural pawing behavior
  • Helps greedy kitties eat at a healthier pace
  • Durable and easy to clean

FUKUMARU Mounted Wall Cat Bridge

If your cat has a penchant for scaling heights, this mounted wall cat bridge could be the perfect addition to their playtime! This cat bridge connects directly to your wall, serving two purposes: maximizing vertical space for your cat’s adventures and conserving floor space in your home.

FUKUMARU Wall Mounted Cat Bridge
  • Large cat wall shelf gives cats plenty of space to for sleeping, playing, and running
  • Length is adjustable
  • Provides a vertical space for your cat to perch and watch the world while also saving space
  • Hand-crafted, beautiful, and functional

It’s more than just a cat perch; it’s a bird’s-eye view for your cat to oversee their domain! Handcrafted from durable birch multilayer board, each piece is distinct due to its natural wood variations. With an easy-to-install design, your kitty will be playing in their new vertical playground in under 30 minutes.

LMUGOOS Interactive Cat Scratcher

This 3-in1 kitten toy will become your kitty’s new play haven! This cute toy has a robust scratching pad made of natural sisal for those fierce little claws, a springy plush ball that dances with a merry jingle, and a track that keeps three lively balls racing around.

No more cardboard casualties—this toy is built to last with its durable sisal and sturdy pinewood base. And safety? This toy has got it covered (literally!) with a clear shield over the spring, ensuring no paw-traps during play.

LMUGOOS Natural Sisal Cat Scratcher and Ball Toy
  • Interactive cat toy that is a combination of cat scratcher, spring plush ball, and track with moving balls
  • Scratching pad is made of 100% natural sisal
  • Safe and stable, with a solid bottom base and spring cover

The Best Kitten Teething Toys

Petstages Dental Health Cat Chew Toys

If your kitten loves to nip toes and fingers, these kitten-teething toys just might save the day (and your digits). Their netted design massages the kitten’s gums while cleaning her teeth and removing tartar buildup. Lightweight, colorful, and full of streamers, these chew toys are long-lasting and engaging.

What’s more, these chew toys from Petstages are filled with both dried catnip leaves and fibrous catnip stalks to give your kitten a satisfying crunch.

Petstages Dental Health Chews Pair
  • Made with mesh material that gently cleans soft plaque and tartar off your kitty's teeth as they play and chew.
  • Perfect for engaging your cat in a playful game or letting them bat and swat on their own.
  • Helps satisfy their biting urges and redirects their behavior away from your hands and furniture!
  • Stuffed with dried catnip for an irresistible bite

Catch a Mouse by the Tail Cat Toy

Give your cat the hunting bug with this six-foot-long woolen mouse toy! Made from 100% New Zealand wool and hand-made in Nepal, this adorable red mouse is not just your cat’s average cat toy. The natural texture of this toy’s wool helps clean their teeth while being gentle on their gums. Additionally, this cute toy will satisfy their urge to teethe, making this toy great for their playful nibbling tendencies.

Cat in the Box Catch a Mouse by The Tail Wool Cat Mouse Toy with a 6-Foot Tail
  • 6-foot-long-tail, making it fun for solo or interactive play
  • Made from 100% New Zealand wool
  • Hand-felted by felt artisans in Nepal with all hand-sewn details
  • Includes a storage pouch to keep it clean when not in use

Drag it by its long tail and watch your indoor hunter spring into action!. 

And when playtime’s over, stash it in its own pouch till the next round. It’s durable, natural, and designed to get your cat moving. Perfect for solo or interactive play, this mouse cat toy will light up your cat’s predatory instincts.

Hide and Seek or Climb Games for Cats

Hide and seek or climb games keep your kitten mentally strong and provide a great exercise outlet.

Prosper Cat Tunnel

We all know kittens love a good game of hide and seek. Whether you have one kitten or three, this collapsible tunnel is sure to entertain!

The Prosper Cat Tunnel is built with durability and safety in mind and even features built-in crinkle paper and a peephole.

Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel - Collapsible 3 Way Polka Dot Play Toy
  • 3 tunnels in one making it more entertaining for your kitten
  • Feature swinging bell toy and peep hole in the middle and one tunnel lined with crinkle material
  • Strong sprung-steel frame w/protective ends
  • Collapses for easy travel & storage

Zoovilla Modern Folding Cat Tree

A colleague’s cat, Chip, loves to climb on anything when he gets the zoomies. If your kitty is the same, this cat tree is for you! With multiple steps for climbing and perching and made from durable engineered wood and soft carpeting, this foldable cat tree will engage your cat’s natural climbing instincts!

Zoovilla Modern Folding Cat Tree
  • Multi-level cat tree will give your cat endless amounts of fun
  • Fully carpeted shelves
  • Folds flat for compact storage
  • Easy assembly with all hardware included

Plus, this cat ladder is designed to blend with modern furniture, and its easy-fold feature allows you to tuck it away whenever needed.

Paw Ballet Pet Tepee

Turn hide-and-seek with your kitten into a cozy adventure with this teepee and cat bed combo! Made from durable, washable materials and 100% pine wood, this chemical-free hideaway offers the perfect setting for playful stalking and pouncing.

Pet Teepee, 24-Inch Portable Cat Teepee
  • Made of high-quality breathable low-odor canvas fabric with support poles of 100% pine wood
  • Fabric is tear resistant and machine washable
  • Thick, removable cushion that can be used a separate pet bed
  • Skid-resistant design to ensure stability

The tepee comes with a soft cushion inside, making for a comfy sleep spot for your kitty after playtime. Whether your kitten wants to sneak in for a secret nap or play a round of peekaboo, this teepee offers a one-of-a-kind playground that’s exclusively theirs.

MAU Modern Cat Tower

If your active kitty is a bit on the chonkier side or if you have a collective of cats who lounge together, this cat tower by MAU is the perfect addition to their home! Crafted from sturdy wood and elegant wicker, this tree promises durability without compromising style. This tower comes with soft, washable (hooray!) cushions and features elegant wicker baskets held together by unique, durable trunks.

MAU Modern Cat Tree Tower
  • Meant to hold cats weighing up to 23 pounds or even multiple cats
  • Extremely sturdy and made to last for years to come with replacement parts available for all parts of the tree if needed
  • Cushions are machine washable, and the rest of the tree can be easily cleaned with a dry foam cleaner
  • Specifically designed to enhance the look of your home

We know our kitties love to flex those claws and they’re bound to cause quite a bit of wear and tear on their toys. Fear not with this tower! With readily available replacement parts, you can ensure it remains pristine and premium for years.

Other Purr-fect Toys for Your Kitten

SPOT Ethical Products Skinneeez Toy

Many wand toys include feathers, jingly bells, or other small items that easily detach from the wand and hurt your curious kitten. This one from Ethical Pet is filled with catnip and shaped like a duck, a squirrel, or a bird, designed to give your kitten hours of safe chasing and pouncing fun.

Ethical Skinneeez Forest Friends Wand Cat Toy
  • Multiple stuffed animal options
  • Catnip filled
  • Stuffingless cat toy

SmartyKat Interactive Toy

When your kitten needs some playtime, but you need some downtime, turn on this interactive toy. Moving lights and random motions will hold your kitten’s attention while you sit back and relax.

This toy from SmartyKat features a durable fabric and a safely designed wand for maximum playtime potential.

SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Electronic Concealed Motion Cat Toy
  • Lights and a feathered wand that flits and zips underneath the rustling fabric
  • Encourages your cat to give chase, swat, and pounce
  • Erratic spinning motions and unpredictable changes in directions mimic the movements of real life prey
  • Battery powered, easy on and off, and adjustable speed

LEWISER Flapping and Chirping Woodpecker

This flapping woodpecker is perfect for kittens who have a knack for hunting and pouncing! This rechargeable interactive cat toy engages your cat’s natural hunting instincts. Encourage your kitten to bat at this little woodpecker, and it’ll activate, keeping your kitten on her paws.

But that’s not all—this toy also comes with a feather attachment and catnip bags! Plus, the toy’s durable materials ensure it will stand up to even the most vigorous feline play sessions.

LEWISER Woodpecker Cat Toys
  • Built-in automatic motion sensor triggers realistic flapping and swaying along with bird songs
  • With detailed design and a feathered tail, this toy looks more like a real woodpecker to help draw your cat in
  • Made of soft and durable materials for kittens to wrestle, pat, kick, and snuggle up
  • USB rechargeable with included charged cable

ZippyClaws Catnip Crusherz

Catnip toys can be very healthy for your cat, but it’s still important to choose carefully. This catnip-stuffed toy shaped like a cute bottle is a surefire hit for catnip lovers. Each Catnip Crusherz stuffed toy is filled with irresistible catnip! The fun frills and high-quality fabric keep our furry feline friends coming back, again and again, to chew, kick, and pummel.

ZippyClaws - Catnip Crusherz
  • These bottle shaped plush cat toys are perfect for keeping your indoor cat occupied 
  • Catnip-filled and perfect for batting, pouncing, and chasing around the house
  • Uniquely whimsical design

Any of these toys would make a paw-some addition to your kitty’s playtime collection! As a challenge to all cat parents, try making sure that your kitten has access to at least one toy from each category during the day. By combining interactive toys, chew toys, hide-and-seek toys, and wand or bouncy toys, you’ll help your furry friend stay healthy, strong, and endlessly entertained!

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  1. The one thing I have found is it’s difficult for finding toys for cats and kittens when dogs are also in the mix. My cats are both adult now 4-5 years old. One, Kizzy I adopted as a kitten, bout 4 months old when adopted, she was raised by Sophie whom is my service dog. Brought GinGin and red and white ginger boy into the mix.
    Sophie is very protective over her Kizzy as she doesn’t understand GinGins boxing play and chase to wrestle. (Neither does Kizzy). I now have another dog, Zeke who was welcomed in as a foster. Kizzy greeted him at the door with a literal kiss on the nose.
    The dogs tend to take over toys we got for the cats to kick and wrestle with. Kizzy sees herself as just one of the dogs which I feel leaves GinGin as third man out. Am I wrong to be concerned?

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      When you have multiple pets in the mix, it can definitely be hard to make sure everyone is getting their fair share of fun. GinGin’s actions may help you figure out his feelings. Does he stick to the edges of the room or hide when the other dogs and cat are playing? Those can be signs of an anxious cat who doesn’t feel like he has control of his territory. If he’s showing those signs, playing with GinGin in that space and giving him treats there can help him regain some ownership or confidence. During calm times, making sure GinGin has a little space to call his own can also help a cat that is lacking in confidence. If he doesn’t seem anxious or scared but you still feel like he’s being left out of the fun, playing with GinGin in a separate room during those times could help.


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