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22 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

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As you’re making your holiday gift list, dogs just might be the easiest to please. They’re almost guaranteed to be thrilled with whatever you give them. And you can be sure they won’t try to exchange it for something else or “re-gift” it next year!

A gift as simple as new tennis balls would probably be enough to bring on the tail-wagging and sloppy kisses (from the dog, of course). But you can show your favorite dog lover and their pup how much you really care by finding that perfect gift you know they’ll both go nuts over. 

If you need a little help to get started, I’ve sniffed out a few fun and enriching holiday gifts any dog will dig. Plus, I’ve gathered some of my favorite gifts for dog lovers, too. 

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Perfect Christmas Gifts for Dogs

My 10 Favorite Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

Pet House Holiday Fur All Candle

We all love our pets, but that doesn’t mean we want to have pet odors in our house. And with Pet House’s Holiday Fur All Candle, we don’t have to!

This 100% soy candle combines enticing holiday scents with a powerful odor neutralizer to keep pet odors at bay. It also comes in a reusable glass jar that’s great for storing pet treats (after a thorough washing of course)!

Pet house holiday fur all candle

Silver Honey Vet Strength Ear Wipes

Ear infections can be very painful for our pets. These wipes are a great tool to keep your pet’s ears clean and healthy.

Made with natural antimicrobial cleansers like Manuka Honey and MicroSilver BG, these natural wipes are your first line of defense against ear infections. If your dog loves to jump in the pool or ocean, these also can help fight swimmer’s ear.

silver honey ear wipes for dogs

Neakasa Pro Pet Grooming Kit and Vacuum

This super cool all-in-one grooming kit and vacuum makes grooming your dog (or cat) easy and convenient. It sucks the trimmed hair up as you groom, which keeps your house fluff-free. 

I really enjoyed trying out the 5 different grooming tools with my dog, Tulip. I also appreciated that one of the attachments helps you clean up any stray hairs left on you or your furniture after the groom is done. 

The Nebakasa Pro Pet works with pet hair of all lengths and has a low noise level to avoid scaring anxious pets. It also has a 1-year warranty and 45 days No-Worry Return.

using the neaksa groomer on tulip


Earth-Rated Compostable Poop Bags and Wipes

Earth-Rated products make great stocking stuffers for dog lovers. Their poop bags and wipes are certified compostable and earth-friendly. I use their bags and bag dispenser exclusively.

earth rated compostible bags


No one wants to think about their dog getting lost, but it’s a real danger every pup parent needs to be prepared for.

For many people, the holiday season means travel. And, if your dog comes along, that could raise their chance of getting lost. 

If that happens, Undercollar could be a literal lifesaver. This stretchy ID collar has a QR code that links to your online profile with all of your contact information. 

As the name implies, Undercollar can go under your dog’s regular collar to provide that extra ID protection. It’s also a great option if you just don’t like jangly noisy tags.

tulip wearing undercollar

Woof Ceramic Dog Treat Jar

Since dogs are part of the family, they need a special place for their favorite snacks too! What dog lover wouldn’t love a chic treat jar for their pooch? This will keep your pup’s treats fresh and easily accessible. Plus, it’ll look great in any dog lover’s home!

ElleVet Sciences

On a serious note: Do you know a pet parent whose dog suffers from anxiety? These chews from ElleVet Sciences might be the gift they need.

My late dogs, Chilly and Buck, both struggled with different forms of anxiety. Since then, I’ve been devoted to helping pet parents find safe and calming solutions for their stressed-out fur family.

All of ElleVet Sciences’ products are veterinarian-formulated and backed by clinical studies. Calm and Comfort Chews make a great gift for dog lovers! They provide relief for dogs suffering from things like separation or noise anxiety – or they can just make car trips or vet visits less stressful for everyone.

ellevet science calm and comfort chews

Custom Catch Personalized Dog Mat

The cushion can fit in crates and carriers or any favorite nap spots. And best of all, it can be personalized with their pup’s name. Any dog lover would be thrilled to give their pup such a welcoming spot to rest their paws.

This thoughtful gift will melt any pet parent’s heart. This cozy, fleece cushion is the perfect spot for dogs to rest and relax.

My 12 Favorite Holiday Gifts for Dogs

P.L.A.Y. Holiday Classic Plush Toys

Here’s a set of adorable holiday-themes toys to brighten your dog’s day. With a gingerbread man, candy canes, a hot chocolate mug, and more, this gift box makes a perfect present for your pampered pooch. And they’re perfect for some holiday photo ops!

Zesty Paws All in One FUNctional Dental Bones

These nutritious and highly effective dental treats also taste great. You won’t find any harmful ingredients here – just a delicious dental bone that’s loaded with beneficial nutrients. So your pup gets their treat, and you get the joy of knowing you’re protecting their dental and digestive health. 

They also come in different sizes for different dogs, so make sure to get the one that best fits yours.

zesty paws dental dog bones

Brutus Bone Broth

Brutus Bone Broth is not only nutritious but super tasty, too! This delicious food topper contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives and has added glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints.

Brutus also makes it using only human-grade ingredients. It also comes in different flavors, like beef and chicken. All in all, this is a great, tasty, healthy treat for your special dog. 

Natural Balance Mini Rewards

If your dog is anything like Tulip, treats are a great way to motivate them when training. But, there’s always the possibility of weight gain from too many treats.

These mini treats from Natural Balance are a perfect way to give your dog the positive reinforcement they need without feeling guilty for hurting their diet. They’re also made with limited ingredients to be gentle on sensitive tummies.

Buddy Belt

Buddy Belts were designed by a pet owner who hated seeing her pet dachshund cough and gag when using a regular collar. She came up with a unique harness design that is still handmade to this day.

These are top-quality, really beautiful harnesses that are made to fit dogs of nearly any size.

tulip wearing buddy belt

Knots of Fun Tug Toy

The Knots of Fun Tug Toy is a great choice for a doggy stocking stuffer. They’re fun, handmade, machine washable, and made in the USA. 

I especially love that they’re a great alternative to rope toys. Regular rope toys have strings that can be pulled out. Chili would pull strings out, and I always worried he might swallow them.

This tug toy looks like a rope toy but is made of 100% nontoxic Polartec fleece, so there are no strings and no danger.

tulip playing with

Bonne et Filou Dog Gifts

Bonne et Filou are “la creme de la creme” of bougie dog gifts! Two of my favorites are their dog macaron treats and their plush macaron toy

Their dog macarons look just like the human version while being handmade in the USA for our furry friends. They’re free of preservatives, artificial coloring, corn, and wheat, and are sourced from local suppliers.

Their adorable squeaky plush macaron toys come in a 6-pack that includes a cute

bonne et filou


Treatibles makes treats that are tasty while also providing health support for our dogs. They include CBD treats, probiotic soft chewables, and joint support.

“Healthy” and “tasty” don’t always go together, but Tulip absolutely loved the taste of these healthy treats.

treatible dog gift

Chuckit! Ultra Tug

If you’re on the hunt for a (nearly) indestructible toy, then this is it!

The Chuckit! Ultra Tug is a Pet Living family favorite. The ball part is nearly indestructible, and the tug part is sturdy and doesn’t fray easily. This one is guaranteed, dog-approved fun!

Photo of a Chuckit! Ultra Tug and Toss Dog Toy

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Toy

 Give your pup the gift of “hide and squeak” with this super fun toy. Keep boredom at bay and your curious canine mentally stimulated while feeding their natural instincts to hunt.

Just stuff the squirrels into the stuffed tree trunk and watch your pup pull them out. The toy comes in four sizes to fit any dog and budget.

Snuffle Mat by AWOOF

Sniffing is an important way for dogs to get to know the outside world. A snuffle mat encourages your pup’s natural instinct to sniff out food. Simply hide his treats or kibble in the mat and he’ll have a blast exploring and sniffing for his reward. The mat is made of durable, non-toxic cloth and is machine washable for easy clean-up.

Chippin Dog Treats

And finally, if you really want to make your pup happy, give him something to chew on! Chippin Dog Treats are made from high-quality foods, powered by drool-worthy, planet-friendly proteins. They source only the most delicious and nutritious ingredients, so your pup is sure to be thrilled by this special gift!

Honorable Mention

The holidays are a happy time for many, but they can also bring back memories of loved ones we’ve lost – both human and animal.

If someone you know has suffered the loss of a beloved furry family member, the cards and comforting products available at Wolfie’s Wish make a thoughtful and comforting gift. 

Grieving the loss of a pet is so difficult. Wolfie’s Wish helps you focus on the memories and value of the special relationship you shared. It makes a wonderful gift for anyone who has lost a pet. 

wolfie's wish pet grief cards

The Final Woof

These are just a few of my favorite gifts for dog lovers. If you need even more gift ideas, check out my list here for lots of wag-worthy treats!

Plus, Embark Vet is partnered with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and offers the most accurate breed breakdown on the market. This is one gift for dog lovers that won’t be forgotten.

Kristen Levine is a nationally acclaimed pet expert, influencer, and Fear Free Certified® Professional with over 30 years of experience working with pets.

Through this blog and her book, Pampered Pets on a Budget, Kristen has helped millions of pet parents solve problems and provide the best care for their dogs and cats.

Working alongside hundreds of pet professionals, including veterinarians, behaviorists and trainers inspired Kristen to become a pet parenting “guide”, providing readers with reliable information about health, wellness and lifestyle for dogs and cats and the people who love them.

A dogged advocate for pet adoption and rescue, Kristen has featured over 1,000 adoptable dogs and cats from the SPCA on live television and radio appearances to get them adopted. Her blog, has been featured in over 100 media outlets – including the New York Times, USA Today, FOX & Friends, Good Morning America, Women's Day, Reader's Digest, Good Housekeeping, Pop Sugar and more.

To stay up to date on the latest health and lifestyle trends for pets, Kristen regularly attends the top veterinary and pet product conferences, where she’s often a featured speaker.

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