Purr-fect Holiday Gifts for Cats

By Monday, December 12, 2016

The holidays are almost here. Is your favorite feline at the top of your shopping list?

It’s only natural, given the love and joy that they bring to our lives all year long, that cat parents want to give them something extra special. However, finding that purr-fect gift can be a little tricky. After all, our cats don’t exactly hand us a holiday wish list!

When I’m buying for my girls, Olivia and Turdie, I like to think of gifts that are smart and functional. Also, since obesity is a growing problem for cats, awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy weight should drive cat parents to make smarter choices about what we feed our felines and about the types of toys we buy for them.

Here are a few gifts for cats that will give everyone a reason to purr:

My 5 Faves for Felines This Holiday Season

1. The Cat Wheel

cat exercise wheel

Designed to help indoor cats get the exercise they need to stay physically and mentally healthy, the cat wheel may remind you of something you’ve seen in a hamster’s cage. This wheel, though, is designed with cat safety in mind. It’s just the right size for a cat’s spine and joints, and it doesn’t have any spokes that their paws could get caught in.


2. The Kitty Holiday Toy Bundle

Holiday Toy Bundle

This trio of goodies from PetSafe is another great option to help kitty get both exercise and mental stimulation. The bundle features a harness and leash that are purr-fect for supervised outdoor excursions (if your kitty will oblige). It also includes two highly entertaining interactive toys.

The cheese toy features two mice that pop out through the holes in the block of “swiss cheese,” and the flitter toy has two dragonfly teasers that fly around to entice kitty into a game of chase.

3. Hauspanther Clever Cat Toys

catnip toys

hauspanther catnip toys

This amazing collection features a variety of whimsical and unique cat toys — many of them filled with catnip — that are sure to amuse both cats and cat parents. With everything from the traditional mice and fish to the more unexpected egg rolls and cockroaches, there’s sure to be something for anyone!

4. A Seat in the Window

window mounted cat bed

Indoor cats can spend hours basking in the warm sun and watching the amazing world outside. The Sunny Seat Window Mounted Cat Bed is a paw-some choice to bring the outside in. Plus, it attaches to your window quickly and easily with suction cups that can support up to 50 pounds!

Add a bird feeder within easy view, and your cat has hours of stimulating entertainment to look forward to.

5. An Automatic Litter Box

litter robot open air

Ok, so you’ll probably love this gift as much as, if not more than, your cat does! The Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box by Litter Robot will save you the time you used to spend scooping litter, while also ensuring that your cat always has a fresh, clean litter box — even when you’re not around to keep up with it!

Finding the purr-fect holiday gift for your cat doesn’t need to be hard. Don’t over think it, and don’t be afraid to be practical! Stimulating toys and products that encourage exercise will keep him healthy and happy in the years to come!

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