Training Your Puppy: 3 Essential Commands

By Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Communication is the key to any good relationship, and this is just as true between humans and animals as it is between humans. You and your puppy need to learn to communicate!

He needs to know what you expect of him, and, the more he learns to understand you, the better he’ll be at communicating his needs and desires to you! Training your pup is one of the best ways for the two of you to learn to understand each other.

Well-trained dogs definitely get to share more of their lives with their humans, and that’s great for everyone involved! If you train your puppy, you will be rewarded with a well-behaved dog who loves, trusts, and respects you. But if you don’t put the time and effort into “schooling” your pup when he’s young and eager to please, he may develop habits or behaviors that are more difficult to correct later on.

Most dogs love to learn new tricks, and time spent together training is a great chance to have some fun and bond with your tail-wagging friend. If you put in the time, there’s really no limit to what you may be able to teach your puppy!

Trainer or DIY?

Some puppy parents are able to train their pups on their own. Others choose to work with a trainer. If you decide this option is your best choice, make sure that you find a trainer who uses positive techniques. This will help you and your puppy build a relationship based on trust, not fear. Pick someone you like and can communicate well with. And make sure that your trainer is willing to include the whole family in the process. This will make it easier to be consistent and avoid confusing your pup.

If you’re looking for a good trainer, you may be able to get some recommendations from your vet. Other dog parents can also be helpful. Once you’ve got a name or two, make sure to ask for references and take the time to talk to past clients.

I am not a trainer, but I’m fully aware of the importance of getting off on the right paw with your pup. The same applies if you adopt an older dog. Any pooch, no matter how old, can always learn. And to keep your new addition safe, there are 3 commands that he needs to know.

3 Essential Commands to Teach Your Puppy

1. “Stay”

The “stay” command involves teaching your puppy to remain in one spot until you release him. This could prevent him from darting out an open door or running into a busy street. Imagine if you were walking your pup and somehow he got off leash (it happens!) If you tell him to stay and he listens, it could be life saving! Knowing the “stay” command can also prevent an exuberant pooch from jumping all over your house guests and having to be kept away from your friends and family.

2. “Come”

The reasons for wanting your puppy to learn the “come” command are similar to the “stay” command. There are so many situations where your pup’s safety could depend on his ability to understand and obey this one!

Imagine that your pup gets off leash and takes off after something that has caught his interest — like the dog across the street, a squirrel, or the mailman. He could easily be running into a dangerous or life-threatening situation if he ignores you when you call him back!

3. “Leave it!”

Dogs explore their world with their mouths, so it’s almost guaranteed that at some point your puppy will end up grabbing something that you need him to drop immediately. If you drop medication on the floor, or something sharp or otherwise dangerous, the “leave it” command can prevent your pup and, eventually, your mature dog from ingesting something he shouldn’t.

The Sky’s the Limit

Although you’ll probably start with the commands that are essential for your puppy’s safety, they’re only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his potential to learn. There’s so need to stop with the basics. Use your imagination! Have fun together! With a little patience (and a lot of training treats) you’ll be amazed at what your little buddy can do!

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