Three Amazing Pets Who Are Literally Lifesavers

By Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I truly believe that every day, in little ways we may not even notice, our pets are truly lifesavers. They lift our spirits, make us laugh, and even lower our blood pressure just by being in the same room!

But the animals in the stories below have gone even further for their beloved humans…by saving their lives in the most literal sense.

Amazing Abby Saves Her Human’s Life

Abby, the hero dog!Ever since Nicole Seikert drove from Wisconsin to Illinois to adopt her dog, Abby, she felt there was something special about her. It turns out she was right!

One morning, Nicole and her daughters woke up feeling ill. But since the twins didn’t have a fever, she sent them to school and she tried going back to bed. However, Abby kept trying to lift Nicole’s head with her nose. Thinking the dog needed to go out, Nicole got up. That’s when Abby ran to the basement and started barking. Following her, Nicole heard the chirping of the CO detector, alerting them to dangerous carbon monoxide seeping into the house. Without Abby’s persistence, Nicole would have gone to sleep and may never have woken up.

“They say we’re rescuing them,” says Nicole. “But they are truly and literally rescuing us. It’s amazing.”

Read more about Abby and Nicole.

The Cat That Saved a Little Girl with Autism

Thula, the therapy catThula, a fluffy, cuddly, outgoing Maine Coon cat, is the devoted companion of a young girl named Iris Grace. Diagnosed with severe autism when she was two, Iris Grace had trouble with speech, behavior, and connecting with others – including her parents. However, her mother, Arabella, never gave up hope and began researching therapy animals.

After a trial run with a trained Labrador didn’t work out, Arabella brought home Thula. The kitten and little girl immediately clicked and settled down to snuggle together on the sofa. Amazing changes soon followed, opening up Iris Grace’s world in ways no one could have hoped for. For example, Iris Grace had never been able to string words together, until one day she said to her mother, “More cat.”

More about Thula and Grace.

Jedi the Dog Saves the Life of Sleeping 7-year-old Boy

Jedi, the wonder dog!When Dorrie Nuttall’s dog, Jedi, began jumping on and off the bed in the middle of the night, she suspected something was wrong. Jedi is an alert dog for her 7-year-old son, Luke, who has Type 1 diabetes. Despite the fact that Luke’s monitor showed he was in the safe range, Jedi persisted, so Dorrie decided to prick her son’s finger. The number that flashed on the screen was 57, way too low.

Dorrie credits Jedi, who became a diabetic alert dog through Canine Hope for Diabetics, with saving Luke from potentially dangerous hypoglycemia. But, she says, he is much more than just a service dog. He’s Luke’s best friend.

More about Luke and Jedi.

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  • panda-j

    I can’t pick just one…they all are beautiful examples of the love and devotion that can exist between pets and their family. I cried and laughed all at the same time.