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How BSerene's Calming Chews for Dogs Relieve Anxiety

How Calming Chews for Dogs Relieve Anxiety

If your dog is one of the nearly 50% who suffer from anxiety, you know how important it is to get them relief. But do calming chews really work? It seems like there are so many different brands. Are they all pretty much the same? Are they effective? And are they safe?

Do Calming Chews Really Work?

Pamela says she’s tried all kinds of chews for her dog, Zuzu, who’s particularly triggered by wind and storms. “I’ve tried some that don’t seem to do anything at all and others that work really well.”

zuzu has noise anxiety. her pet parent has tried many calming chews to help

This is really common feedback because how well they work depends on several factors. For example, some calming chews are mostly fillers with very few active ingredients, so although they may list the same ingredients as a competitor brand, they may not be as potent for your dog.

Check the ingredients list to see what is included and in what amounts, and if they’re made by a reputable manufacturer.

Some chews may be designed to work quickly while others take a bit longer. So some chews are effective when given right before a stressful event, like traveling in a car, whereas others may take several days to build up in their system before you see any effects.

So the effectiveness can depend largely on what you’re using the chew for.

You might also wonder if the chews will knock your dog out or just make them excessively lethargic. Again, this will depend on the chew and your dog. A good calming chew will lower your dog’s anxiety and jitteriness without making them sleep all the time, but some dogs may get calmer than others. 

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Dog anxiety is incredibly common, afflicting more than half of all dogs in the US. For many anxious dogs, calming chews are a great way to support a calmer and less anxiety-filled life. 

As with any supplement, check with your veterinarian if a particular calming treat is right for your dog, especially if they are on any prescription medications.

How to Identify Good Calming Chews for Dogs vs Bad Ones

Calming chews for dogs aren’t prescription medications, which makes them easier for pet parents to obtain. However, that also means they aren’t regulated as strictly as medications. 

So how do you know which ones are safe for your dog?

Knowing the manufacturer is key. What is their reputation? Where are their products made? Do they stand behind their products and their safety?

Here at Pet Living, we love the bSerene brand, whose products include calming chews, diffusers, and collars for both cats and dogs.

They take great pride in their reputation for excellence and safety. They are a member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) and are authorized to use the NASC Quality Seal on their products. This means they regularly pass an independent third-party audit that tests their products, their labeling, and their production process for accuracy and quality.

They also make their products with a “science first” policy which means their products are backed up by research and solid facts.

5 Ingredients to Look for in Calming Supplements for Dogs

When looking at the label, you want to see ingredients that are safe and proven to calm your dog. Here are five safe and effective ingredients that support calm in anxious dogs.

1. Hemp

Hemp for dogs is a great natural ingredient to look for in your calming chew of choice. Hemp seed in particular contains omega-3s, gamma-linolenic acid, protein, and essential vitamins that support your dog’s overall health.

2. L-theanine

L-theanine, along with thiamine B1, promotes relaxation and calmness in dogs. Studies have shown that thiamine prevents stress-induced increases in anxiety, which makes it a great choice for your dog’s calming chews.

3. Colostrum

Colostrum supports brain activity, relaxation, and cognitive function. There is also evidence that it supports the immune system and gastrointestinal tract. For dogs with anxiety, a calm stomach often promotes calmness of the whole body.

4. Tryptophan 

Tryptophan helps reduce aggression, which can be a side effect of anxiety in dogs. It’s also a building block of serotonin, a mood-boosting chemical found naturally in your dog’s brain.

5. Ashwagandha 

Ashwagandha for dogs helps regulate the nervous system and calm the brain. It also may lower blood pressure, which is very beneficial as anxiety can lead to higher blood pressure in your dog.

bSerene includes all these important ingredients in their Advanced Dog Calming Chews. It’s also made in the USA with no wheat, corn, soy, meat, or artificial ingredients. And it’s safe for daily use, so you can easily help keep your dog’s anxiety and fear in check.

calming chews made with real ingredients can help calm dog anxiety

Are Calming Chews All You Need to Treat Dog Anxiety?

Calming chews are a great tool for pet parents, but they’re best used as part of a total anxiety-fighting plan for your pup. 

If you suspect your dog is suffering from anxiety, speak with your veterinarian. Depending on the severity of your dog’s anxiety, they may suggest possible prescription medications or related treatments. Veterinary behaviorists are another great resource for pet parents helping dogs with severe anxiety.

In addition, identifying the source of your dog’s anxiety can help you eliminate or minimize that trigger. For example, if your dog is scared of thunderstorms, you may provide a quiet, cozy corner for your dog where they can snuggle and feel safe when lightning strikes.

Your dog may also benefit from a multi-layered approach to creating a relaxed environment. This may include supplementing your dog’s calming chews with additional calming products like collars, diffusers, or sprays.

calming collars, diffusers, and sprays are often used along with calming chews for dogs


Are Calming Chews Safe?

When calming chews for dogs are made responsibly with proven and safe ingredients, and given in appropriate dosages for your dog’s weight, they are safe and can be a great tool for pet parents to help calm their anxious dogs. Always check the manufacturer of your dog’s calming chews to ensure safe and responsible manufacturing processes. Also look for proven ingredients, like ashwagandha and hemp seed. 

Do Calming Chews Have Side Effects?

Depending on the ingredients in your calming chew – and on your dog – you may notice some sleepiness and lethargy. If that’s the case, it may be a problem with the dose they’ve been given. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. As with all supplements, check with your veterinarian before starting your dog on a regular supplement, especially if your dog is under treatment for an illness or chronic disease.  

The Final Woof

When taken regularly and as directed, calming chews for dogs like bSerene’s Advanced Dog Calming Chews are a great way to calm anxious dogs. By ensuring your dog’s calming chews are made with proven, effective ingredients and are manufactured under strict guidelines of quality, you can rest assured you’re helping your dog live a happier, more stress-free life.

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