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How BSerene's Calming Spray Can Help Relax Your Anxious Cat

How Calming Spray Can Help Relax Your Anxious Cat

Cat anxiety is incredibly common, with nearly 1 in 3 cats experiencing signs of anxiety on a weekly basis. It can be triggered by many things, from past trauma to car rides to loud noises to new family members and more.

Cat pheromone sprays can help our feline friends live a calmer, happier life. But how do they work? And are they really safe?

How Do Cat Pheromones Work?

Pheromones are chemicals emitted by animals and humans that send signals to others of their species. For example, a bee can send out a pheromone to warn the other bees in their colony if a predator is near. 

By mimicking different cat pheromones, cat pheromone sprays can help calm anxious cats. The two most common pheromones in these sprays mimic the pheromones released by mother cats around their kittens and those used to mark their territory.

The mother cat’s pheromones may be recommended to help calm tensions in households with multiple cats, as it can make them feel more bonded like siblings.

For general cat anxiety, marking pheromones are used. When you see your cat rubbing the sides of their face on your chair – or even you – they are marking or “claiming” what they’re rubbing as part of their territory, or their “safe place.” When you use a spray based on these pheromones, your cat views the sprayed area as familiar and safe, lowering their anxiety. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Pheromones for Cats?

Pheromones for cats are widely regarded as safe to use around all pets and people. They are an unobtrusive way to help anxious cats with difficult situations or anxiety triggers like travel, vet visits, loud noises, new family members, or house guests.

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Since they are drug-free and do not enter a cat’s bloodstream, they do not interact with any of your cat’s medications. They are only sending a message to your cat.

That said, there is one con to using cat pheromones. They may not have the same effect on all cats. While many cats show a marked lowering of stress and anxiety, others may not see as strong of an effect.

They also may not have an instant calming effect on your cat and may require some time or repeated exposure to produce the desired result.

How to Choose the Best Cat Pheromone Spray

We all want what’s best for our pets and this is especially true when treating your cat for anxiety. So, what’s the best cat pheromone spray?

For me, it comes down to trust. I want to trust the company manufacturing the product. I want to trust that they have my cat’s best interests in mind.

That’s one of the major reasons I like bSerene™’s products, including their cat calming spray. bSerene believes in science-based wellness for their cat and dog products. They always do extensive research before creating a new product, which is then manufactured to strict quality standards.

You also want to make sure the calming spray has the correct pheromones for the job. Some pheromone products mimic those of a mother cat, while others replicate “marking” pheromones.

The mother cat’s pheromones are best when you’re trying to calm fighting and tension in multi-cat households, and they’re more often found in diffusers.

bSerene's calming pheromone spray for cats helps calm cat anxiety

Other cats have anxiety triggered by specific things or events. For example, your cat might get anxious when traveling or during thunderstorms. In those cases, the “marking” pheromones are the ones you want, which can be found in both sprays and diffusers.

Keep in mind that pheromone sprays are best used about 15 minutes before your pet is exposed to an anxiety-causing thing or event. They are not like diffusers that emit a constant stream of pheromones over time. They are used when you need a quick burst of calm, as they take effect more quickly but only last for 4-6 hours on average.

Why I Love bSerene’s Cat Calming Spray

I love bSerene’s science-first approach to pet wellness. All of their products are well-researched with solid facts supporting them. 

Their cat calming spray in particular is a favorite of mine. It’s great for calming an anxious kitty and helping them during difficult times like those often anxiety-filled trips to the vet.

Cats can experience such stress and distress when they’re anxious, so I love having a tool to help. The bSerene Pheromone Calming Spray for Cats is also small and compact, so it’s easy to bring with you if you’re taking your cat on your travels.

bSerene calming spray pheromones for cats

You can spray bSerene’s Calming Spray on new objects or in new places. For example, if you’ve moved and you’re introducing your cat to your new home, bSerene Calming Spray can help. Spray some around a room about 15 minutes before introducing your cat to it. Then let them explore that area and get comfortable before gradually repeating in other parts of the house.

Not only does it help your cat, but it also helps you, as a calm cat is less likely to act up or act out.

Please note that calming sprays are meant to be sprayed on objects, NOT directly on cats.

Other Calming Pheromone Products for Cats

Cat anxiety can be a complex issue that needs multiple tools and treatments to address. In the cat pheromone arena, additional calming products are available that may be helpful for your cat. These include cat calming collars, cat pheromone diffusers, or spot treatments.

Calming collars are great for cats who experience general anxiety, as they are intended to be worn around the clock. This will help cats living in stressful situations, like when you move to a new house or add a new family member.

For multi-cat households, a cat pheromone diffuser may be the best choice. Make sure you get enough diffusers to cover your cat’s living area and that you refill them as directed (usually once a month).

Spot treatments are placed on the back of your cat’s neck, similar to some flea or tick prevention. These can be placed once a week if your cat needs continuous calming, or you may choose to administer it only when stressful events (like car travel) arise.

All of these cat anxiety treatments are great stress-fighting tools. For the best cat anxiety outcomes, use them alongside additional methods like behavioral modification techniques and environmental adjustments. For severe cat anxiety issues or anxiety that is not relieved after using these methods, speak with your veterinarian. They can determine if there are underlying health issues at play and can discuss additional anxiety treatment options.


What are the side effects of cat pheromones?

Cat pheromones have no known side effects. They are not drugs and do not enter into your cat’s bloodstream, so they are also safe to use alongside your cat’s medication.

How long do they last?

Cat pheromone sprays usually last around 4-6 hours. If you are using them to help your cat through a more lengthy experience, like a long car ride, you will likely need to reapply after that time elapses. Just remember to always spray on your cat’s carrier, bed, or other object and never on your cat. 

Do I need to worry about staining?

While we always recommend testing the spray on a small hidden test area before use, bSerene’s calming spray was tested on a variety of household surfaces with no evidence of marks or stains.

The Last Meow

Cat pheromone sprays are a great choice for helping our cats deal with anxiety and anxiety-inducing events. They are safe and easy to use with no side effects. Look for one made by a trusted, reputable company like bSerene to help your cat live a happier, calmer life.

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