Innovative products for vision-impaired pets

By Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Two percent of all dogs will lose their vision, according to Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, James A. Baker Institute for Animal Health PRA Project. Those of you caring for a blind dog understand the daily challenges this disability presents for both you and your pet. That’s what prompted Innovet Pet Products to develop its innovative line of products designed to improve the health and wellbeing of pets that are hard to train or medicate, including vision-impaired pets.  Below is a brief overview of their solutions:

– Innovet’s Tracerz are scent-based location markers that help your dog adjust to blindness and navigate their way through your home. Made of all-natural ingredients, Tracerz contain long-lasting scents from safe essential oils that dogs can easily detect. Place Tracerz at your dog’s nose height in areas they’re likely to get lost in or spots they might bump into, such as wall corners, stair edges, doors, door jambs, tables, chairs. Ranging from $19.95 (20 obstacle and 8 path markers) to $39.95 (60 obstacle and 24 patch markers), Tracerz are the most cost-effective way to help your pet adjust to blindness.

BioPel™ & BioPel Plus™ – Flea and tick control is important for all pets. Innovet’s BioPel is a fresh-scented leave-in conditionerInnovet BioPel Plusfor dogs and cats that kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Containing organic lemongrass oil, neem oil and diatomaceous earth, BioPel kills insects mechanically via dehydration (not chemically), making it non-toxic and safe for use around pets and children. Made from all-natural human-grade ingredients, BioPel Plus is a nutritional supplement that works from the inside out to control pests, regulate the digestive system and help pets maintain a healthy coat. BioPel (8oz) and BioPel Plus (1 lb/160 servings) can be purchased online for $15.95 each.

– Cleaning a pet’s ears can be a daunting battle for any pet parent. PurOtic is the first ear cleaner for home use that comes with a soft ear applicator for quick and precise delivery into the inner ear (where it’s most effective). Designed by veterinary and health care professionals, the non-irritating wash is made from all-natural ingredients and a pharmaceutical grade emulsifier to instantly eliminate odors and help break up wax and prevent ear infections. PurOtic can be purchased online for $10.95 (4oz) and $15.95 (8oz).

Illumaject™ – A must-have for any pets that resist ear medicating, Illumaject is a critical tool for locating the opening of the ear canal to ensure accurate delivery of expensive liquid medicines. Illumaject features a durable aluminum LED flashlight and a clip to attach a 1cc syringe with a 2mm soft applicator tip (included). The unit, which includes batteries for the flashlight and a single 1cc syringe with a 2mm soft applicator, can be purchased online for $12.95.

Silicone Pet Feeders – Available in three sizes – 10cc (2 tsp), 30cc (1oz) and 60cc (2oz), Innovet’s silicone pet feeders are the only hand-feeding syringes made with medical grade silicone to prevent damage to gums, cheeks and teeth. The soft silicone tips make the hand feeding of liquids, foods and medicines easy for pets and pet parents alike, yet are durable enough to withstand a pet’s chewing. Innovet’s silicone pet feeders can be purchased online for $4.95 (10cc), $5.50 (30cc) and $5.95 (60cc).

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