Enter to Win a Litter Robot on December 20th

By Wednesday, December 16, 2015

If you have a cat—you must read on! If you don’t, please share this with any cat lovers you know!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to partner with Litter Robot to give away a FREE Open Air model (valued at $429!) on December 20th during their 25 Days of Christmas Giveaways.

The Litter Robot isn’t just any old litter box. It’s is a high tech, self-cleaning litter box made right here in the USA. And trust me when I say it makes life SO much easier.

I know because my husband and I own a Litter Robot Open Air and we looooove it! Not only has it cut down on the time we spend cleaning the litter box, I would even go so far as to say it’s cut down on marital arguments about whose turn it is to scoop! (If you’re married or have a roommate, you know what I’m talking about.)

The Litter Robot takes care of all the sifting and scooping for us. Now all we have to do is just remove and replace the bag in the waste drawer a few times a week. No muss, no fuss!Litter Robot Giveaway

But what’s really important is that our cat Turtle likes it, too! She’s the more timid kitty of our pair of cats and we were concerned she might be afraid of it. We kept her old box in the same room with the Litter Box for about two days, and that’s all it took for her to change her mind.

And believe it or not, it’s even become a conversation piece. As cat parents, we used to spend a lot of time trying to hide the fact that we even had a litter box. Now when we have company over, we have to show it off because it just looks so darn cool. Yes, yes…we’re crazy cat people and proud of it!

All of these things are why I’m so excited that one of YOU—my loyal peeps—might be the winner of the Litter Robot Open Air giveaway on Sunday, December 20! Get all the scoop (sorry, couldn’t resist) on how to enter by checking out Litter Robot’s website.

There are multiple ways and days to win, but make sure you circle December 20th in red! That’s the day I host the giveaway!

Let me know if you plan to enter in the comments below. Feel free to share your current litter box woes with me!