How to Feature Your Pet Brand on TV without Buying Advertising

By Wednesday, April 4, 2018

While the Internet is the most rapidly-growing form of media, TV continues to be the most dominant. A study by marketing analytics firm, MarketShare, found that when it comes to consumer purchases, television out-delivers digital media (display and social), print, and radio.

Now does this mean you should dump your digital marketing and sink your entire marketing budget into television? Absolutely not! But pet brands, both large and small, would be wise to look for opportunities to complement and strengthen their overall strategy with television appearances and mentions.

Notice I didn’t say that pet businesses need to buy advertising with their marketing dollars. While effective, television advertising can also be prohibitively expensive. However, there are other ways to put your product in the spotlight. Positioning yourself as a pet authority with your local TV station, for example, could get you interviews. Distributing a newsworthy press release about your product or company could earn you a mention in the media. Or you could partner with a pet lifestyle expert, such as myself, to showcase your brand both locally and nationally.

So why does TV continue to be so effective, despite so many competing platforms?

1. Reaches a wider audience

The fact is, it’s hard to beat the reach of TV. After all, people of all ages still watch an average of four hours of TV each day, and they’re watching it on a variety of platforms including computer, tablet and phone. Not only does TV reach a larger audience, it has the ability to reach a more targeted audience as well. This gives pet brands a chance to get in front of consumers already interested in the type of product they’re offering.

2. Drives interest and rapid response

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a moving picture is worth about a million. Television gives pet brands the opportunity to show their product in action, which has been shown to generate more interest and demand. In fact, it’s been shown that up to 24% of consumers go online to learn more after seeing a product they’re interested in on TV.

3. Generates word of mouth

Year after year, Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising survey finds that word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising. Yes, even more so than TV. But there’s nothing that creates buzz and gets people talking like television. That’s why each year advertisers vie to create the most memorable, moving or hilarious ads during the Super Bowl. But with a little ingenuity and creativity, pet brands can use TV to get people talking for millions less.

If you’re looking for effective ways to leverage the power of television without breaking the bank, I can help! Contact me to learn more about how I can put your brand or product in the spotlight.