10 Reasons I’m Going Mutts for Humankind Pet Food [Product Review]

By Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Dig this… a portion of this post is sponsored, but opinions are my own and 110% “pawthentic”!

I know too much. About pet food that is.

You see, the fact that I work in the pet industry as an influencer and a marketer means that I have a lot of inside “scoop” (pardon the pun) and access to experts who either make pet food or who have strong opinions about it.

You can almost liken pet food choices for your dog or cat to schooling choices for children. Think of “super premium pet food” as being like private school and any other pet food as being like public school. Simply put, private school is probably where your child would get a better education, but just because your kid attends public school doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent! Sticking with this analogy, you know your pet would be better nourished by a super premium pet food, but maybe you can’t afford to spend a lot of money to feed them.

That might be a polarizing analogy, but in the pet industry, pet food is a polarizing topic!

The Challenge of Choosing the Paw-fect Food for Your Dog

It all boils down to the fact that most pet parents don’t really know what’s in their pet’s food. They assume marketing claims on the bag to be true. They assume if they see words like “chicken,” “beef,” or “salmon” on the ingredient list, then it must be healthy. They may often believe that the photos depicted on the package mean the same exact ingredients are inside the bag or can.

And the truth is, that’s okay, because as long as the food meets AAFCO guidelines, then the food is deemed “nutritious” by the regulatory agencies in charge of protecting the consumer and their pet. However, just because a product sold in a grocery store is technically “safe” and meets various nutrition guidelines doesn’t mean you would choose to eat it. (Think Velveeta or Spam!)

The other challenge with understanding pet food ingredients and how they are processed is that it’s super confusing to the consumer! I don’t have time, nor do I choose to research deeply enough, to figure this out on my own for Chilly.


I’ve decided that the best way for me to know they are getting the best diet I can afford is to use common sense. Common sense tells me that if a pet food is measured against human food standards for ingredients, production methods, storage, and delivery, then I know it’s good enough for my pets. You may have seen my recent post about and TV appearance for Humankind, a new human grade food for dogs.

Chilly has been eating Humankind (the less active formula) ever since they sent us a bag to try. He absolutely loves it. I’ve even tasted it myself, and with a little salt, I could probably serve it for dinner! (I’m only half joking!)

Here are the top ten reasons Chilly and I love it.

Top Ten Things That Sold Me on Humankind

This new food for dogs is…

  1. Loaded with whole food nutrition and made with real, minimally processed, nutrient-dense ingredients. (You can see carrots, blueberries, and chicken in the bowl!)Humankind ingredients
  2. 100% human quality, made using ingredients you’d find in a grocery store.
  3. A complete balanced diet for dogs (one day, for cats too).
  4. Made with 87-90% animal protein, depending on the recipe.
  5. Made with chicken sourced and raised on U.S. farms.
  6. Minimally processed (dehydrated) at low temperatures, so the natural nutrients are preserved, making proteins more available for use by your pet.
  7. Convenient! Order it online, and it’s delivered to your home!
  8. Resulting in healthier canine skin and coat, more energy, and proper digestion (smaller poo piles!)
  9. Held to human food standards, meaning it contains the highest quality ingredients and maintains production as set by the FDA.
  10. Worthy of a 5 star rating from Dog Food Advisor.

This is a food that I can feel good about feeding to my best friend because it’s made so that the human members of the family could eat it if we chose. I know that by choosing Humankind, I’m doing all I can to keep him healthy so he can enjoy a long happy life with the people he loves!

This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions and anecdotes are my own, and I never promote any products or brands I don’t believe in. ~Petfully yours, Kristen

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  • Navy Mom

    My puppy absolutely loves HumanKind dog food. She licks her bowl clean every meal. I am extremely disappointed to learn that they have stopped making it. Supposedly it’s temporary, but now that I have her completely switched over to HumanKind and I’m almost out I have to switch her again! I found out by searching all over the internet trying to find out where I could get it and why I never got my follow-up bag. Very poor business practices and very disappointing. I’m going to try the Honest Kitchen and hope it is comparable. It is also dehydrated and also has five stars on the dog food advisory site.

    • esteepup

      Hi Navy Mom, had the same experience and feel the same as you. As much as I loved feeding this food to my dogs, I can’t overlook the poor business practices. Even if they start producing it again, unlikely I’d give it a 2nd try. We’re giving Honest Kitchen a try, too. My vet speaks highly of it. Hope your puppy loves it just as much. Good luck!

      • Hi esteepup.Thank you for your comment as well.See my note to Navy Mom above! Good luck to you and your pups. I’ve heard great things about The Honest Kitchen.

        • Navy Mom

          I’ve been really happy with Honest Kitchen. I was really worried because she loved Humankind so much, but I think she might even love The Honest Kitchen better. I was able to go online and choose the appropriate formula for her and sign up for delivery AND find a store that carries it so I could buy it before I ran out of my Humankind food. She had a smooth transition to the new food. Thank goodness!! I’m going to stick with them.

    • Hi Navy Mom. If it weren’t for your comment, I would not have realized they have stopped making it. I’m very disappointed to as my dog Chilly loves it, AND no one from the company told me about this “temporary” suspension so I could inform my followers. I’m reaching out to my contact at Humankind to see if I can get any answers on whether or not they’ll start production again. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

      • Kendall Alexander

        My dog loved Humankind and I was so sad that they stopped making it. Did you ever get an answer as to if they will be back soon? I tried The Honest Kitchen after they shutdown and my dog refuses to eat it :/ So now I’m feeding my dog NomNomNow, which is more expensive but she loves it!

        • Hi Kendall. I never heard back from the company. Very disappointing. However, I just reached out again to my contact there and to their agency. I’ll let you know if I hear back this time.

  • Amy

    My bulldogs have suffered for years with allergies from their food. Finally, with Humankind we found it helped so much. I was very disappointed they no longer are in business. We are once again on the merry-go-round of trying different foods with no luck. Do you have any suggestions to try?

    • Hi Amy. I’m so sorry! That is terrible that they didn’t honor the follow up bag. I did receive an email last month from Humankind apologizing for the unexpected suspension of production. However, she did indicate that they were adjusting some formulas for even better taste and said they may be re-launching soon. I wouldn’t hang my hat on it, but it’s better than not hearing back from them at all!

      I feed my own dog a few different things…. Weruva, Honest Kitchen, and he’s on a veterinary prescription diet for a kidney condition he has. There are really a lot of premium, top quality pet foods on the market. Maybe you can ask your local independent pet retailer if they have any samples your dog can try before you buy.

      BTW, I have a few Humankind samples left. If you send me your address I will mail them to you. Email me at kristen@kristenlevine.com.