Seven Steps for a Memorable Canine Birthday Bash!

By Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This is my favorite picture of Chilly and me—celebrating our birthdays last year on Honeymoon Island Dog Beach in Dunedin, Florida.

It always reminds me of the fun we have celebrating our pets’ birthdays, from the big bash we threw for Buck, our 13-year-old Yellow Lab in 2009, to the simple cookies and milk celebration we shared with Zeke the year before.

Polls actually show that around 40 percent of dog owners celebrate their dogs’ birthdays. And why wouldn’t we? Dog parties are a great way to bring pets, friends and family together for a bit of socialization, exercise and plenty of birthday treats.

Last year, I shot this video for the BISSELL pet community about how to throw a canine birthday party. Since Chilly and I are celebrating our birthdays together again today (this time at the dog park) I thought it was a good time to dig up the video and share my party planning tips to help you plan a celebration that your furry best friend will not soon forget.

When Cupid Has Four Paws and a Tail

By Thursday, February 12, 2015

“It was a deal breaker,” explained Kim Coyne. “I wasn’t interested in dating anyone who didn’t love pets.”

Ironically the first thing Kim learned about Brian on a blind date was that he did, indeed love pets!

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing a love story of how a runaway rescue dog acted as a canine cupid, of sorts, to help one of my pet living subscribers find the love of her life.