Smart Holiday Gifts for Your Pet

By Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The best gift you can give your pet this holiday season is one that will be fun, but also enrich their life.

These days, a lot of our pets live lives of leisure, which means they often lack opportunities for physical and mental exercise. That under-stimulation can lead to boredom—which can result in bad behavior or poor health. Encouraging dogs or cats to work for treats (or food) by solving puzzles is called contrafreeloading and it’s important for their mind and body.

Mewsings: 3 Amazing Canine Stories to Make You Smile this Thanksgiving

By Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November is when we here in the U.S. traditionally give thanks for our blessings. And like so many other people, I count my pets among those. They bring so much laughter, comfort and love into my life, and I am truly grateful for them every single day.

Wait till you read about how thankful these folks are for their pets, and the story behind this adorable photo of a little girl and her Great Dane.

The best way to eliminate stress and boredom in your pet

By Friday, November 20, 2015


It’s a big word that can also mean big changes to your pet’s physical and mental health.

It’s also a word few pet parents have heard. So what is it? In scientific terms, it’s an observed behavior in most animals that when offered a choice between food provided or food that requires effort, the animal prefers the food that requires effort.

Simply put, your pet would prefer to work for food than to be given an unchallenging bowl of kibble.