Three Feel-Good “Tails” of How Pets Enrich and Sometimes Save Lives

By Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Here’s your monthly treat of good pet news to highlight the magic of the human-animal bond.
This month’s tales (“tails”?) showcase how animals can give greater meaning to life for those with unique challenges, and how their intuition can save people in dangerous situations.
Enjoy and share these happy tales with someone to cheer them up!

Man Tailors The Inside Of His House For Cats To Play In

These boots were made for walkin’, Uncle Bear

By Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I could never bring myself to throw Buck’s booties away. It’s been five years since his passing, and while I’ve cleaned out the “pet cabinet” several times since then, I just couldn’t dispose of the well-worn boots that helped our arthritic 13-year-old lab mix maneuver the tile and wood floors without slipping.

Ironically, Buck refused to use the $400 Walkin’ Wheels we bought him. He would just stand there, frozen, despite our pleadings (and a bit of tugging). Instead, he preferred the $40 boots. (Note to self: Next time, try the cheaper option first).

This past Christmas, I flew to Colorado to spend the holiday with my mom and my sister, brother-in-law, three nephews and two family pets—my dog-niece, Soupy and my late father’s dog, Uncle Bear, now 14.

Four Pet Promises You Should Make in 2015

By Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A promise is easier to keep than a New Year’s Resolution. Nearly 45% of us make resolutions and 70% of us keep them—for the first two weeks. Sadly, by mid-year, half of us have given up, according to the website

Politicians aside, a promise is easier to keep, especially if it benefits those we love—including our pets. Making commitments to benefit others definitely ups the pressure not to stray from success.

So, these are the four promises I’m making on behalf of my pets this year. If I’m successful keeping them, not only will my pet’s already ‘charmed lives’ be even better, but I should also be able to save money and help others pets in the process.

Please join me in making these four promises to your pets so we can capitalize on camaraderie (and peer pressure) to succeed!