Mouzers aMazing Litter Box Covers: The perfect solution for your litter box woes!

By Friday, September 13, 2013

Mouzers Box

Many cat parents would likely agree, dealing with litter boxes is one of the least fun parts of caring for a feline friend. Not only doyouhave to deal with some less than pleasant odors and constantly having to vacuum up the litter “trails” your cat tracks out of the boxand around your home, but you also have to deal with the sheer sight of the litter box itself, which isn’t exactly the ideal accent for your home décor. That’s why I was excited for the opportunity to test out Mouzers’ aMazing Litter Box Cover with my cat Turtle (aka Turdie).

Available in three different designs – Zebra, Brown Kraft or Klay White – Mouzers aMazing Litter Box Covers are made from a heavy, naturally corrugated paper, making the product great for the environment and also at reducing odor. Not to mention, the stylish designs of the aMazing Litter Box Cover are much more aesthetically pleasing than your standard litter box!

If you share your home with both cats and dogs like I do, then you’ll also appreciate the aMazing Litter Box Cover’s double Photocompartment design featuring two “cat-sized” offset openings. Not only does it help reduce odor and cut down on the amount of litter Turdie tracks outside of the box, but the offset maze design also gives her some added privacy and helps prevent Chilly, my 3 year old Lab mix, from getting into her litter box!

Mouzers aMazing Litter Box Covers work perfectly with a standard large litter pan that you can find at any major grocery, discount or pet store. The aMazing Litter Box Cover retails for $23.95 and can be purchased directly on their website ( or at the Turdie and I both LOVE this product and think you will, too!