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how to keep cat litter in the box and off the floor

How to Keep Cat Litter Off the Floor

Being a cat parent brings so many absolutely wonderful moments into your life.

The snuggles, the crazy antics, the purring, and those adoring kitty gazes will melt your heart every time!

As much as we love the cuddles and playtime, though, there are a few cat care jobs that we’d be pretty happy to forget about—like cleaning the litter box. Let’s be honest, litter box duty isn’t high on any cat parent’s list of favorite things to do.

It wouldn’t be such a big deal if all kitties were neat nicks like my cat, Turtle. Her kibble always stays in her bowl, and her litter box habits are just as tidy. But then there’s Olivia! If cat litter tracking was an Olympic sport, I’m pretty sure she’d be in the running for a medal!

Stepping on a floor full of litter in my bare feet is more than a little gross! Not to mention that I’d much rather spend my spare time cuddling my kitties instead of cleaning up after them. So I’ve got a few cat litter tracking solutions on my sleeve to make the job a little easier.

1. Choose an appropriate cat litter and litter box.

Your cat may be litter tracking because her litter box is too small. The ideal size of a cat litter box can be measured from the length from your kitty’s nose to the tip of her tail, plus another 50 percent. 

There are also plenty of types of litter boxes: a high-sided litter box, a covered litter box, a top-entry litter box, and even a self-cleaning litter box! I typically use a large, open litter box which I scoop out daily. High-sided litter boxes can also help stop litter tracking.

I’ve found that using the right litter and the perfect amount really does make a difference too. I’m a big fan of World’s Best Cat Litter. It’s 99% dust-free, it’s flushable, and it’s great for controlling odors. It’s made with people-, pet-, and planet-friendly corn. Plus, it has impressive clumping power, which means you use less and spend less money.

It did cut down on the mess, and there’s not much litter stuck on my cat’s paws. But my Olivia is not easily discouraged! Somehow she still finds a way to “spread the joy.”

That’s why I was more than a little excited when I heard about the new Advanced Zero Mess™ multi-cat formula from World’s Best Cat Litter. I got the scoop on this amazing new product at this year’s Global Pet Expo, where I learned how it can make life a little easier for moms and dads of persistent litter-tracking felines like mine.

Zero Mess™ has all the amazing features of the original brand, plus they’ve added super-absorbent plant fibers that quickly trap liquids into tight clumps—before anything can stick to the sides of the litter box. That means no scraping, chiseling, or crumbling – which helps keep litter contained in the box for fast and easy cleanup. And it even has two times more odor control without resorting to overpowering perfumes or fake chemical smells.

Less work, less odor, and less litter on my floor and feet? I’ll pounce on that!

2. Use a Litter Mat with Your Litter Box

Introducing a litter mat to your cat’s litter box setup can be a good way to stop cat litter tracking. Litter mats can catch litter particles your furry friend tracks out. They’re also quite helpful at keeping any litter scatter from kitty’s digging in the box where it belongs. No more endless sweeping!

But wait, there’s more! Litter mats are also your floors’ best friends. They prevent scratches and damage from stray litter. And when it comes to cleaning, they’re a breeze—just shake off the litter and give them a quick wipe-down.

3. Find Another Location.

If your kitty’s litter tracking has reached your bed (and inside the sheets!), try moving her litter box to another location. Unless you have an elderly cat, place her litterbox in the less visited areas of your home. Doing so will help keep tracked litter to a minimum. Remember to move your cat litter box gradually—never do it abruptly and expect your kitty to automatically know where her toilet went!

Remember to keep the cat litter box away from noisy areas and appliances like washing machines. Also, make sure it’s not near their food and water bowls—if there’s litter on your cat’s paws, she might accidentally contaminate these bowls. This’ll mean more cat-related chores for you.

4. Contain Your Kitty’s Litter Box.

Containing your cat litter box may help prevent litter tracking! Consider these clever spots:

Litter box hiders: Hide that litter box in a chic cabinet or a specialized piece of cat furniture. It’s a stylish solution that traps stray cat litter right where your kitty steps out. Keep in mind, some cats are feartul of climbing into a dark, enclosed box, so this suggestion (and the next one) won’t work for all cat homes.

Closet with a cat door: Tuck the litter box in a closet with a cat door. It’s out of sight, and jumping through the door helps knock off loose cat litter. 

Confine the Tray: Place the litter box inside of a larger tray or box. This extra layer catches any litter your cat kicks out.

Remember, keeping the litter box away from high-traffic areas means less litter hitching a ride on your feet. Downstairs bathrooms, basements, or an infrequently used shower cubicle offer the perfect private spot for your cat’s needs. Your cat gets the seclusion they love, and you get to stop cat litter tracking!

The Tail End

I guess for now, Olivia will have to content herself with scattering her kibble because her litter-hurling days are over! I don’t think she’ll be too disappointed. After all, less work for me means I’ll have more time to shower her with my undivided attention!

This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions and anecdotes are my own, and I never promote any products or brands I don’t believe in. ~Petfully yours, Kristen.

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