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why you need a pet medicine cabinet and what to put in your dog or cat medicine cabinet

What You Need to Make a Pet Medicine Cabinet

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What do you do if you’re working around the house and you accidentally cut your finger? Chances are you head to your medicine cabinet and grab some antibiotic ointment and a bandage. Or what if you come back from a hike with a few bug bites that are driving you crazy? You probably keep some anti-itch products on hand for just such an occasion!

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My point is that, if we’re prepared ahead of time, there’s no need to drop everything and run to the store for medical supplies every time we have a minor injury or discomfort. It’s much easier just to grab what we need from our medicine cabinet, and we get faster relief that way too!

Most of us keep a few basic first-aid supplies on hand for the human members of the family, but many of us might not think to do the same for our furry family members. There’s no denying that our pets can get themselves into some pretty hairy situations, so wouldn’t it make sense to be prepared to treat their bumps, itches, and scrapes? Putting together a pet medicine cabinet now can save you time and anxiety, and it can also mean faster relief for your furry friend.

What Do You Need in Your Pet’s Medicine Cabinet?

Putting together a medicine cabinet for your pet is easier than you might think. All you need are a few pet friendly products to treat some of the more common issues your pet may experience.

Cuts and Scrapes

Wound care for your pet from Vetericyn

Just because they don’t use power tools or kitchen knives doesn’t mean our pets won’t ever get a cut that needs treating. Curiosity or encounters with other animals can easily leave any pet with cuts and scrapes. My kitties, Olivia and Turdy, usually get along fine, but occasionally they get into a midnight brawl that leaves them with a few scratches!

The first step to treating any cut – after you stop the bleeding – is to clean the wound and make sure it doesn’t get infected. When I’m doing damage control after one of my girls’ “cat fights,” my favorite go-to product is Vetericyn’s Antimicrobial Wound & Skin Care Hydrogel.  It doesn’t sting, it helps keep the wound clean, and it promotes faster healing. It’s also completely non-toxic, so I don’t need to panic if my pets lick themselves after I’ve treated them!

Wound Care

My dog, Chilly, is prone to hot spots. These can be tricky, because pets tend to lick or chew the area that’s bothering them, which only makes the problem worse! Vetericyn’s Hot Spot Antimicrobial Hydrogel has been a life saver for us! We simply spray it on Chilly’s hot spot and it soothes and relieves his skin, so he’s more likely to leave it alone to heal. Vetericyn’s Hot Spot spray is also great on rashes, burns, or sores.

Ear Issues

It’s pretty easy for us humans to keep our ears clean – a simple Q-tip will usually do the trick. But it’s not that simple for our tail-wagging friends. A dog’s ear canal is L-shaped, and dirt, debris, or other gunk can build up and lead to infection or other problems if it’s not washed out. Because of their shape, a liquid cleaner is really the only way to effectively clean doggie ears.

Some liquid cleaners contain ingredients that can cause burning or itching. Ouch! I know it’s important to clean Chilly’s ears, but I want to spare him from discomfort if I can. That’s why I use  Vetericyn’s All Animal Ear Rinse . It doesn’t contain alcohol, steroids, or antibiotics, so it’s effective and painless for Chilly!

Eye Issues

Find out why Vetericyn's eye wash formula is perfect for keeping your pet healthy and safe!

Spending time outside is great, but pollen or dust can do a number on your eyes! If you’ve ever had that dry, itchy eye feeling you know what I mean! Well, humans aren’t the only ones whose eyes can get a little irritated. And our pets’ eyes are a whole lot closer to the ground, so they pick up even more dust! A hiking trip or a day at the beach can leave irritants in a dog’s eyes that need to be flushed out.

Vetericyn’s All Animal Eye Wash is paw-fect for cleaning pets’ eyes, and it won’t sting either! You can probably imagine that it can be a little tricky to apply drops to any animal’s eyes. This video gives some great pointers!

Vetericyn’s Eye Wash is also great for cleaning those nasty tear stains – just put a few drops on a cotton ball and wipe!

Itch Control

There’s nothing like an itch that won’t go away to drive you completely bonkers! And I’m sure our pets feel the same way. Lots of animals are bothered by bug bites, allergies, or other skin conditions. Not only is it heartbreaking to watch them scratch and scratch, but all that digging can lead to broken skin, infection, and even more discomfort.

Many human anti-itch medications are toxic if ingested, so it would be a bad idea to use them on pets. But even if they weren’t, it would be almost impossible to apply in exactly the right spots. So I take an all-over approach to Chilly’s itchy-scratchies with Vetericyn’s FoamCare Medicated Shampoo, a medicated formula that I use during bath time. I love it for the simple spray application, a quick lather, and an easy rinse. Best of all, Chilly feels (and smells) so much better afterwards!

Find out why Vetericyn's foam spary formula is perfect for keeping your pet healthy and safe!

Once you’ve gathered up your pet care supplies, make sure you put them in their own basket or cabinet so that you can easily find them when the need arises. With these basics on hand, you might even consider going a step further and putting together a pet first aid kit. Whether your pet ever needs it or not, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re prepared!

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This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions and anecdotes are my own, and I never promote any products or brands I don’t believe in. ~Petfully yours, Kristen

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