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About Our Veterinary Review Team

Here at Pet Living, it’s important to us that the information we publish is accurate and sound. Our articles are thoroughly researched and any information that affects your pet’s health is fact-checked by one of our veterinary reviewers.

You can read more about our veterinary reviewer, Dr. Joe Menicucci, DVM below, or visit our main About page to learn about the other members of our editorial and review team.

Joe Menicucci, DVM

Dr. Joe Menicucci, DVM, has dedicated over 12 years to veterinary medicine, with a special focus on the well-being of pets and the support of their families.

His approach in practice emphasizes compassion and education, ensuring pet owners are well-informed and involved in their pets’ health.

Co-founding Affordable Pet Labs, Dr. Menicucci has been instrumental in making pet health diagnostics more accessible from the comfort of home. His work is driven by a deep commitment to improve the quality of life for pets and provide peace of mind to their owners.

Follow him here:


  • COO, Affordable Pet Labs
  • Veterinarian, Trans Ova Genetics
  • Professor, Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts
  • Traceability Veterinarian, Colorado Department of Agriculture
  • Veterinarian, The Dairy Authority


  • Western University of Health Sciences, DVM
  • Jack Welch Management Institute, MBA


  • Finding new ways to make pet care affordable for all pet parents


  • Loveland, CO

Articles Reviewed by Dr. Menicucci

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Pet Living with Kristen Levine launched in 2015 with an important mission: to help dog and cat parents improve their pet’s wellbeing and happiness through expertly-sourced guidance, tried and tested product recommendations, and inspirational content to strengthen the human-animal bond.

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