How to Choose the Right Supplement for Your Dog’s Age

By Friday, September 13, 2019

Dig this… a portion of this post is sponsored, but opinions are my own and 110% “pawthentic”!

As a long time dog parent, I’ve had a lot of experience with dogs of every age. And I can tell you that every life stage is absolutely wonderful (and challenging) in its own way.

From the endless energy, wet kisses, and cuddliness of the puppy stage, to the loyal companionship of an adult dog, to the sweet gentle disposition of a senior dog, life with a tail-wagging friend of any age is always rewarding.

It’s really important to be mindful of your dog’s current life stage. That may mean changing foods, exercise routines, supplements, and sleep patterns. Today, I want to focus on how you can keep up with your dog’s changing nutritional needs.

Why Your Dog Needs a Nutritional Supplement

Dogs go through physical and behavioral changes with age and so their nutritional needs change as well. Nutrition that targets their specific age-related needs will go a long way towards ensuring that they live a long, healthy life.

Dogs need nutritional replenishment on a daily basis just like humans do. Environmental stress from pollution, nutrient depleted soil, and other factors mean that your dog’s body is under stress — even if they seem chilled out and healthy!

Supplements are a great way to ensure that your dog is getting proper nutrition. Even though I make sure to feed Chilly a high-quality dog food, I still boost his nutrition to give his body what it needs to stay healthy.

This is where it can get tricky. Now that Chilly is a senior dog, I know that he needs different things from a supplement than he did as a puppy, or even a couple of years ago as a younger adult dog.

There are so many supplements out there, that it would be easy to fill an entire medicine cabinet with different products — all targeted to meet different needs of senior dogs. Add to that, many supplement companies include fillers and low-quality ingredients, so it’s hard to know whether all of those supplements are even doing any good, other than fertilizing my lawn!

Vetericyn's new ALL-IN supplement for dogs.

When one of my favorite and most trusted animal wellness brands announced to me that they’re launching a new life stage support supplement, I was really excited to try it for Chilly. In my most recent appearance on Daytime TV, I shared some of the paw-some features of this innovative new supplement.

If you follow this blog, you know that I’ve been using Vetericyn® products for a while now, and their FoamCare Shampoo and Hot Spot Spray have been a game changer in Chilly’s skincare routine. So when I heard that they were going to be offering a nutritional supplement as well, I knew that I could trust them to offer a science-based product that would really benefit Chilly’s health.

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Choosing the right nutrition for your best friend can be tricky, heres what I have found.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Choosing the Right Supplement

Vetericyn ALL-IN contains key nutrients that dogs need at their particular life stage to promote digestive, cellular, bone, mental, and immune health – all in one tablet! They teamed up with A.S. Narain Naidu, PhD (Medicine), FACN, FLS, a world-renowned microbiologist and pioneer of molecular medicine to create a truly unique supplement.

One of the things that makes ALL-IN so effective is that it uses an amazing one of a kind protein-based transport and delivery system. Basically what this means is that it uses the innate absorption mechanisms in your dog’s body to deliver the right nutrients to the right part of your dog’s body. Then it unlocks your dog’s cells so that the nutrients can be absorbed. This patented technology isn’t found in any other supplement on the market. And it’s so powerful that it can even help your dog to absorb more of the nutrients from his food!

This video explains a little more about how this groundbreaking technology works to keep your dog healthy.

Another thing that makes ALL-IN unique is that one chew provides complete bone, joint, muscle, calming, and skin support. This is such good news for dog parents because now, instead of buying one supplement for digestive health, another one for skin and coat care, and still more for joints or bones, all you need is one product. ALL-IN comes in 3 formulas that offer the right nutrition in the right amount to dogs in different life stages.

Chilly shows off three lifestage supplement formulas

Nutrition for Puppies

The nutrition a puppy receives early in life goes a long way towards setting the stage for good health when he reaches adulthood.

During a puppy’s first year or so of life, there’s a lot going on. First of all, they grow like crazy! That tiny little pup that you bring home from the shelter doesn’t stay tiny for long. Before you know it he’s doubled or even tripled in size. And while all of that is happening, his bones and other systems are also developing.

ALL-IN for puppies is designed to support growth and development during a puppy’s first 18 months. With that in mind, it focuses on several important aspects of health.

  • Promotes antioxidant function & cellular health
  • Provides factors for bone development & building of connective tissue
  • Maintains a healthy intestinal tract
  • Enhances immune system response
  • Promotes optimum bladder health & function
  • Helps reduce hyperactivity & promotes relaxation

All of this gives your pup the best possible start towards long term health.

Nutrition for Adult Dogs

Of course, puppies don’t stay puppies forever. And, as adorable as they are, many dog parents find themselves breathing a sigh of relief when they start to see signs that their little bundle of energy is maturing and slowing down a bit.

Once a dog is done growing and developing, his needs are different than they were before. ALL-IN for adult dogs focuses more on performance and recovery.

Adult dogs still need lots of exercise, and many of them play harder and longer than they did when they were puppies. Whether you enjoy taking your dog for long runs or hikes or letting him burn energy with a good game of fetch in the backyard, ALL-IN can help recharge his muscles. It also supports his health in other important ways.

  • Supports performance, stamina & endurance
  • Maintains strong bones & joint mobility
  • Soothes skin-related issues associated with seasonal allergies
  • Scavenges free radicals & reduces stress
  • Promotes the body’s resistance to pathogens
  • Contains prebiotics for healthy digestive function
ALL-IN provides complete nutrition for senior dogs

Nutrition for the Senior Years

There’s just something special about senior dogs. If you’ve watched your dog grow from puppy to senior, you’ve had years of bonding. But even if you rescue a dog who’s already along in years, he’ll be sure to reward you with meaningful friendship.

Senior dogs eventually start to slow down a little bit. Maybe your dog still enjoys a good romp at the dog park, but you notice that he’s more tired and a bit stiff afterward. ALL-IN’s senior formula is all about restoring and supporting the system of aging dogs, so it can help to lubricate aching joints and restore vitality and energy to an aging pup. ALL-IN is great for senior dogs because it:

ALL-IN gives senior dogs what they need to stay healthy
  • Provides bone & joint reinforcing factors
  • Enhances the body’s normal repair of connective tissues & joints
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Supports cellular health in aging dogs
  • Helps keep your senior calm & relaxed
  • Contains prebiotics for healthy digestive function

Not only does ALL-IN meet your dog’s specific nutritional needs, but its unique delivery system also makes sure that the beneficial ingredients are actually absorbed by the cells that need them instead of passing straight through your dog’s system without doing any good. This supplement is so advanced that it’s actually backed by 8 technology patents!

Of course, the bottom line is that it delivers what dogs need at each stage of life to positively impact their quality of life as they age. And isn’t that what all of us want for those most important dogs in our lives?

I wish this amazing supplement had been around from the time Chilly was a puppy, but I’m really excited to start using it now to support his health through his senior years.

This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions and anecdotes are my own, and I never promote any products or brands I don’t believe in. ~Petfully yours, Kristen