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About Our Veterinary Review Team

Here at Pet Living, it’s important to us that the information we publish is accurate and sound. Our articles are thoroughly researched and any information that affects your pet’s health is fact-checked by one of our veterinary reviewers.

You can read more about our veterinary reviewer, Dr. Lisa Coder, MS, DVM, CVA below, or visit our main About page to learn about the other members of our editorial and review team.

Dr. Lisa Coder kissing dog

Lisa Coder, MS, DVM, CVA

Lisa Coder graduated from the University of Missouri in 2013. Since then, she has worked in various specialty clinics, from equine, to mixed animal, to ER. She also served several years with the United States Department of Agriculture as a public health veterinarian.

She loves all animals and strives to provide a safe, comfortable, and compassionate place for the people and pets who make up our community family.

In 2021, she began Home Vet, an alternative and holistic veterinary practice that provided acupuncture, therapeutic laser, and herbal medicine to pets in Sioux Falls. In March of 2023, Home Vet expanded and became Vital Animal Veterinary Clinic – an initiative to continue a 30+ year legacy of a colleague.

She is currently pursuing board certification in both types of exotic medicine, with the aid of her brilliant staff, who supports her love of learning, teaching, and endeavoring to continually improve animal care. She firmly believes it is within every animal to find balance and health, and that compassion, understanding, and above all, love, are critical to animals’ wellbeing.

Dr. Coder and Vital Animal Veterinary Clinic serves the greater Sioux Falls, South Dakota area, with compassionate care for cats, dogs, small exotic mammals, and reptiles.

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  • Worked in various clinics, including equine, mixed animal, and ER
  • Served in the United States Department of Agriculture as a public health veterinarian
  • Founded Home Vet, which expanded to become Vital Animal Veterinary Clinic in March 2023


  • University of Missouri in 2013


  • Traditional as well as alternative and holistic veterinary care


  • Harrisburg, SD

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