Fetching Styles for Pet Parents – Pawesome DIY Dog Toy Basket!

By Wednesday, January 24, 2018

It’s a new year, and I have a brand new series I’m super excited to share with you! Inspired by my own love for home and personal style, today’s post marks the first in a regular installment of “Bougie or Broke – Fetching Styles for Pet Parents.” Sometimes (for those of you who can afford to splurge occasionally), I’ll share pawesome goodies I consider “bougie”, and other times I’ll share more budget-conscious items. In
today’s post, I’ll do both – share a bougie dog toy basket and also show you how to get the look for less.

In my new series, I’ll sniff out and share my favorite finds, from home goods to wearables, that reflect your lifestyle as a pet parent. If you really dig the things I discover and you have a bougie budget, you can simply buy them! If you’re broke (or just don’t like to pay retail), you can try your paw at DIY!


I’ll walk you through the steps of how to get the look for less and I’ll share my tips on how to make ordinary items pet-tastic and worthy of your pet home.

First up…

A Bougie Basket for Your Bowzer’s Toys!Before family room

On most days, my family room floor looks like a pet toy aisle exploded. My husband likes it that way. Me, not so much.

“The Bean” got about five new toys this year for Christmas – everything from squeaks to chewies to treat balls – so his toy crate is overflowing. I have a hard time throwing away his old toys. Typically, I keep anything that he will still play with, even if it’s ripped, torn, or tattered!

Until recently, I’ve just tossed his toys into a rustic wire crate I found at Home Goods. It’s a perfect size, but it’s pretty utilitarian looking and therefore doesn’t add anything special to my recently-updated family room.

During the break between Christmas and New Year’s, I stumbled on this awesome bone-shaped basket made for dog toys! I instantly fell in love with it, as I do most Pottery Barn goodies, but having just spent a wad on Christmas and all its trimmings, I wanted to see if I could get this furbulous look for less.

The DIY Version

I decided to sniff out ideas for a new dog toy basket for Chilly’s toys. I wanted to create something that would not only contain them neatly, but also compliment my decor.

Off I went to one of my favorite shopping grounds – Marshalls. I love their tag line… “your surprise is waiting,” which is so true!

toy basket Marshalls

I wheeled straight to the ‘cute containers’ aisle and found a simple, gray-washed, woven basket for $7.99.

I bought one slightly smaller than I needed in order to force myself to toss all Chilly’s eviscerated, squeakless toys and make room for his new ones.

Next stop, JoAnn Fabrics to find something to customize the basket with Chilly’s name on it. I found a small chalk sign for just $2.99 to do the trick.

As DIY goes, this one is pretty doggone easy. To create your own personalized dog toy basket, supplies you’ll need include:

DIY toy basket supplies

  • A basket (or another container that compliments your decor)
  • A heavy object to place in the bottom of the basket to prevent your pooch from pushing the toy crate all over the floor (if you have a little dog, you can probably skip this step)
  • A chalk sign to personalize with your pet’s name
  • Chalk or a chalk marker
  • Your pet’s toys, of course!

Assembly steps are pretty obvious. My biggest challenge was writing his name to look cute. My handwriting is not so lovely, but I gave it my best shot. The whole project took me about 15 minutes and cost $10.98 plus tax. I already had the chalk marker, so I only bought the basket and hang sign. Chalk is super cheap and chalk markers run about $2-4 at a craft or hobby store.

If your dog is a puppy or a chewer, a woven basket might have s short lifespan. There are plenty of decorative containers that your pup is unlikely to chew on, like metal or ceramic ones.

DIY dog toy basket

Now, if you’re on a bougie budget, or simply don’t have the time to make your own, click on over to Pottery Barn and “add to cart”!

But if you want to create your own for less, head on over to your favorite discount retailer, flea market, garage sale, or craft store for the few items you’ll need to make your own bougie looking dog toy basket!

And when you do, please share your finished version on Instagram and tag me @petliving and add #petlivingstyle.