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New Tricks for Great Pet Care

By Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ahhh summer….the smell of fresh cut grass, the hum of mosquitos, and long dog walks with multiple poo-poo picking-uppings.

Wait, what? Yep, relishing the outdoors in summertime comes with pesky small (and sometimes large, wink wink) challenges, in the form of winged vampires and situations ripe with “…I should have brought two bags”.

You may not be able to see the itchy, red bumps through your dog’s fur, but bugs and mosquitos think your dog is a grade-A feast, and they must be stopped. Luckily you can tackle these bitty, stinky nuisances with some stylish and effective tools that Chilly and I picked up at the amazing SuperZoo pet show in Vegas last week.

Picture Pawfect: How to Take Better Pics of Your Pets

By Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Truthfully, most of the photos I take of my pets aren’t really that great. Some are out of focus. Some are dark. And some have the dreaded “glowing eye” syndrome.

So, because “All American Pet Photo Day” happened last week and I didn’t get any particularly great shots of my pack, I decided to reach out to a professional photographer for a few tips on capturing the picture perfect side of our pets!