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Now that you recognize the signs of fear, stress, and anxiety in your pet, you can begin to help them.

Understanding your cat or dog’s anxious behavior and knowing how to give them back their calm, leads to a better life together and increases your bond.

From videos to books, to interviews, this page will help you with your pet’s anxiety from noise, separation, vet visits, and more.

Expert Articles and Videos on Pet Anxiety

Fear, anxiety, and stress advice from experts

For Dogs

For Cats

Articles & Books to Help Your Pet with Anxiety

If you’re a pet parent whose dog or cat is suffering from FAS, I invite you to use this page to learn more about FAS and to access valuable, expert guidance on the subject. In addition to the resources listed here, be sure to speak to your family veterinarian as well. He or she can help you put together a comprehensive treatment plan for your pet’s specific needs.

If your pet’s problem is severe, consider consulting with a board-certified veterinary behaviorist near you through the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists.

Articles About Dog Anxiety

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Articles About Cat Anxiety

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Effective anxiety therapies for pets

In addition to the above resources, you will find numerous helpful articles on Fear, Anxiety, and Stress in Pets right here on Pet Living.

Books on Fear, Stress, and Anxiety in Dogs and Cats

Book cover of Decoding Your Cat
Book cover of Decoding Your Dog
Book cover of From Fearful to Fear Free
Smart phone with Back to Work Guide on screen

Prepare your dog or cat for post-pandemic life. Learn how to recognize and manage your pet’s separation anxiety.

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