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Big Reach for Brands of All Sizes

Affordably reach millions of targeted pet lovers with this television, video and digital opportunity featuring top-rated pet influencer, Kristen Levine and her Pet Living platform. This sponsored content program highlights your product or service through an exclusive or “round-up” product review. Curious about how exactly it works? Get a look at what goes on behind-the-scenes. And take a peek at an exclusive feature:

What You Get:


  • 1 Partner Exclusive: $5,295
  • 3 Partner Co-Op: $2,195 ea.

Here’s how a co-op or roundup works:

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See What Happy Customers Say:

Hi Kristen— Wow, I think that the segment is absolutely fantastic!!! You were so authentic and you were still able to get all of our main messaging in. I laughed out loud at the end when Chilly left the set. Thanks again! Kate, for Just Right by Purina We had a great experience when Kristen featured Neutricks on the Daytime show. Our charitable partner, Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary sold out the product as a result of the feature! In addition, we had a significant (huge) increase in traffic to our website.” Dave for Neutricks


Please use the form below or email me at or call 877-424-6052 ASAP if you’re interested in any of these or future opportunities. I’m happy to answer your questions and provide you with client references. Petfully, Kristen Levine P.S. If you’re interested in an exclusive segment, please email me, so we can develop a customized feature for your company. P.P.S. Daytime and Pet Living reserve the right to select the best product or service opportunities for any given segment.