Getting ready for a Chilly ride!

By Sunday, November 14, 2010

At last! I took delivery of my 2011 Toyota Sequoia Platinum Edition last week.  Let me just say, this SUV is one bad mamma-jamma. I can’t wait to show you why this is the best large SUV pick for pet owners!

Chilly (my 1 year old lab mix) and I will travel from Tampa to Denver and back in December to set an example for pet parents who want to know how to travel safely with their pets in vehicles.

Chilly just placed his order with Kurgo for a Tru-Fit Harness and Zip Line so he can safely enjoy the ride in the back seat.  As soon as it arrives, we’ll install it and show you how it works!

In case you missed it, since July, I’ve had the way-cool honor and opportunity to serve on the Toyota P.E.T. (pet expert team), along with five other influential pet experts across the U.S.  Collectively, we’ll be sharing our knowledge and expertise  with Toyota to help them develop programs and communications to effectively teach pet parents the importance of pet restraint during auto travel.

We’ll also be meeting pet owners one on one at various events around the country to show them first hand, Toyota’s attention to de-tail when it comes to safety for our pets. Maybe we’ll see you!

Toyota’s mission–to educate American consumers surrounding the importance of properly protecting and securing pets in automobiles and align this initiative with Toyota’s vehicle safety features.

See our P.E.T. team in action with Toyota and Kurgo during an immersion event last July in Torrance, California. The video is courtesy of Sandy Robins, noted pet lifestyle expert and journalist. Other members of the P.E.T. team include Stacy Mantle, Greg Kleva, Harrison Forbes and Megan Blake.