‘Tis the Season to be Thankful for My Subscribers

By Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It’s that time of year when we give thanks (and sometimes gifts) to those we love and appreciate. And I appreciate YOU!

Just four short months ago, a professional dream of mine came true. That dream was to launch my new blog, Kristen Levine Pet Living, where I could focus on helping pets and people live a better life together. Here’s my first post that tells you about my inspiration for this blog.

I’m fortunate to have a fantastic, challenging and inspiring career in the pet industry—the most passionate marketplace of all! I’ve worked in animal welfare helping pets get adopted, I started a marketing and PR agency for pet and veterinary businesses only, and I acquired a news distribution service for pet companies to affordably distribute their news.

This blog is simply a new chapter in my work life as a pet living expert and advocate. But I could not be doing this if I didn’t have followers and subscribers like YOU! You see, my value to pet companies is connected to your engagement with this blog. When you read the blog, comment, share, subscribe, follow, “favorite”, “re-tweet”, pin, #hashtag, or anything social for that matter, you help me help others live happier, healthier lives with their pets.

So, I thank you! And that’s one of the reasons we launched our December subscriber contest—to thank you for being a part of this passionate tribe of pet lovers. (Plus, I also wanted to encourage others to subscribe too!)

Each week in December we’re drawing a new winner, at random, from our database of subscribers. If you’re already a subscriber, you’ll know that because you receive a weekly Pet Living Letter email from me:) If you’re not yet subscribed, you can do so here! All we need is your first name, an email and tell us if you are a dog, cat, or all pet lover. Nothing more.

I always appreciate your honest feedback on the blog, the videos or anything I post here at Kristen Levine Pet Living, or on my social platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube or Linkedin. So speak up! And I’d love to hear your own stories about how your dog, cat or other beloved critter has helped you live a happier, healthier life. We all have stories like that, and I never tire of hearing them.

Without further adieu, here are the winners of our December Subscriber contest! Our last drawing will take place on Dec. 31st, so there’s plenty of time to enter (but the sooner the better because we draw a winner each week).

Our first winner — receiving a Tagg Pet Tracker, is Marcia from Wahiawa, Hawaii! Aloha Marcia!
Second Winner— receiving a Motorola WiFi Pet Monitor, is Patricia from Spring Hill, Florida! Congrats Patricia!
Third Winner— receiving a Kathy Ireland Loved Ones Cat Prize Pack is Kim from McConellsburg, Pennsylvania! Congratulations Kim!
Fourth Winner—receiving a Kathy Ireland Loved Ones Dog Prize Pack is Corinne from Southamption, Massachusetts! Congrats Corinne!

Each winner will be contacted via direct message on Facebook to obtain their mailing address for prize fulfillment. See our subscribe page for contest terms and conditions.

Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Obrigado 감사하십시오, ありがとう, Grazie, σας ευχαριστούμε, Danke, Dank u, 谢谢!

Any other ways I can say thank you? Share “thank you” in other languages in the comments!