Three Reasons Your Vet Wishes You Had Pet Insurance

By Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Over the years, I’ve helped pet parents solve lots of pet problems. But, when I hear a pet is having a health issue, I know the best solution is always to see your vet.

Pet insurance is an affordable, practical solution that too few pet lovers know about or fully understand.

As pet parents, it’s our responsibility to budget for preventative care in the form of wellness check ups and periodic dental cleanings. But, when your pet unexpectedly gets sick, decides to stick their nose in a porcupine hole or chomp down on a tube of Desitin (this happened!), we face vet bills that we’ve not planned for.

That’s where pet insurance can save the day, your pet and your pocketbook.

I thought it would be interesting for you to hear from a veterinarian why pet insurance is so important—from a medical perspective. Our own family vet, Dr. Michael Amsberry at St. Francis Pet Care Center spoke with me recently about the top three reasons why he wishes all of his patients had pet insurance!

I first purchased pet insurance for Chilly when he was just a year old. As an “all in” pet parent, I knew from past experience that you never know what kind of health issues you’ll encounter with a pet. My two previous dogs and cat not only benefitted from great wellness care, but all three of them needed emergency or specialty veterinary care at points in their lives. We spent thousands of un-budgeted dollars to keep our pets as healthy as we could for as long as we could.

And I knew we’d do the same for Chilly, if and when the time came. And the time did come. To date, we’ve been reimbursed nearly $4,000 for vet bills to treat Chilly’s skin allergies. Whew!

I’ve since bought policies for our two cats, Olivia and Turtle.

Not only does insurance save pet owners money when unexpected vet bills arise, but as Dr. Amsberry said in the video, it allows for your pet to receive the best medical care possible, because finances are essentially eradicated as a limiting factor in their care.

I recently became a Petplan ambassador to help them educate pet parents about how pet insurance works, what it covers and about the super simple claims process. I’d be delighted to answer any questions you have! Just ask them in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, Petplan’s site provides free quotes, so you can start budgeting the best for your pet as soon as you’re ready. As a treat for my readers, Petplan offers a ten percent (10%) lifetime discount on a policy. Just use the code “PETLVG” when you purchase.

I hope that someday no pet parent will ever have to compromise their pet’s care based on financial circumstances. And while Chilly isn’t too fond of porcupines or bees, I can rest easy knowing that he’s protected even if he does decide to get curious and have a “Marmaduke” moment!

Have you encountered vet bills you couldn’t afford or had an experience with pet insurance you’d like to tell me about? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

  • GREAT video Kristen! I sold pet insurance for over 10 years, and spoke to pet parents from all over the USA, on the phone every day! The one thing I heard over and over was that their pet insurance gave them the “peace of mind” that you mentioned in your video. There is nothing more upsetting than finding out that our pet needs medical care that is beyond our budget limitations, and once they have an issue (diagnosed or not) it is too late to get a policy to cover the cost of treatment. Like any other Insurance, a policy must be in place before the problem arises! So, as you did, get them insured while they’re young and healthy, so you can both enjoy your time together, without the worry of what “could” happen. Pet insurance is AWESOME, affordable and available!

    • Kristen Levine

      Thank you Lisa! Now we just have to spread the word so more pet parents know about it AND understand how it works to provide best vet care and peace of mind! I appreciate you chiming in, especially given your experience:)

  • My sister’s dog has had some hefty vet bills and has been ever so thankful she made the decision to purchase pet insurance when she adopted her. It helped with her shoulder surgery, MRIs, pancreatitis treatment…

    • Kristen Levine

      Wow, I can only imagine what those bills amounted to. The great thing is that we have this advanced medicine available to our pets. And with pet insurance, we can afford it!