Spring Clean your Pet Home

By Friday, May 1, 2015

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions and anecdotes are my own, and I never promote any products or brands I don’t believe in.

The key to keeping your home smelling springtime fresh—not like an animal house, is to focus on freshening up the areas and items that your pet interacts with most. That means carpet, upholstery, you pet’s bedding and their toys!

Pet stains, odors and shedding can be “ruff” to eliminate, so having the right tools for the job is key. (Check out my segment on Daytime today to see the tools in action!)

Spring Cleaning - BISSELL Daytime Spot

I’ve been working with BISSELL as a brand advocate for six years now, (that’s 42 dog years!). I love this company because they love pets. Over 70 percent of their employees have pets (higher than the national average) and they understand the unique challenges we pet parents encounter with keeping our pet homes clean and smelling fresh.

Not only that, but they donate a portion of proceeds from their line of pet clean up solutions to the BISSELL Pet Foundation which helps homeless pets get adopted. Check out my recent interview with Cathy Bissell about the foundation she created. (She rocks, by the way!)

What’s not to love about a company working to solve two pet problems—pet clean up and helping to rehome shelter and rescue pets?

Today, I’m sharing my three favorite pet cleaning tools with you, all from BISSELL.

Stains and Odors

Some of the toughest pet messes we deal with are pet stains and odors. Depending on your pet’s age and health, they may have very few accidents—or several. I’ve found that my SpotBot Pet got the most use when Buck was elderly and having incontinence issues, and when Chilly was a puppy, learning the potty rules! However, as a pet parent, I simply can’t live without this little workhorse in my pet home.

Why I use it:

It provides hands free spot and stain removal, literally. You just push a button and walk away while preset cleaning cycles automatically sprays, scrubs and suctions away tough pet stains and odors from the bottom of the stain up.

Here’s the SpotBot Pet in action along with some before and after photos.

Spring Cleaning - SpotBot Pet


Spring Cleaning - After SpotBot Pet

After BISSELL SpotBot Pet

Another tool I love and use a few times a week is a spray formula that treats any soft surface in your home that your cat or dog likes to hang out on. Pet beds, blankets, carpet, stairs, upholstery or the bed—any of them will benefit from a spritz of BISSELL Pet Pretreat + Sanitize Stain & Odor Remover.

Why I use it:

It’s a single formula that cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes in one step. I can use it on any soft surface (see above), including my vehicle upholstery and floors. I doubles as a stain pre-treat or just a freshener. The best part is that it literally kills 99 percent of bacteria and eliminates non-living allergens like pollen, dander and dust mite matter! Pet Pretreat is great for homes where the humans have allergies.

Shedding and Dirt

Chilly doesn’t shed too terribly, but he’s forever tracking in dirt and sand from outside.

Because I’m always busy, like you, I like one vacuum that can go from hard floors to carpeted floors! Who has time to switch machines?

The PowerGlide Pet from BISSELL is pawesome because it vacuums all kinds of floors—hard or soft. A flip of a switch engages the brush roll to handle carpet and rugs. Turn off the brush for wood, tile or vinyl floors.

Why I use it:

The PowerGlide Pet has SuctionChannel technology, which basically means, it picks up more dirt and shedding from edge to edge of the vacuum head. So, no need to go over the same spot more than once. The suction strength is impressive for a smaller machine and it’s super lightweight and has swivel steering so I can easily cruise around corners and under furniture to clean up fur and dirt.

It even has a cool “transformer-like” pull out handle, and additional tools that allow you to clean hard to reach places and crevices on stairs, upholstery and in your vehicle.

So there you have it—my three must have pet cleaning tools to freshen up your pet home for spring—and year round!

What’s your toughest pet mess? Share it with me and I’ll see if I can point you to a purrfect solution, if I’ve not already mentioned it above.