Resolve to Wipe Out Pet Messes Around the Home in 2014

By Friday, January 3, 2014

Written for the Bissell Pet Community!


The New Year is the perfect time to resolve that you can better manage pet messes around the house.  In fact, more families would have pets if they only understood how easy it can be to maintain a clean pet home! A BISSELL pet cleanup survey found that nearly 25 percent of people without pets said pet messes were the main reason they chose to be pet-less.

Pet messes can easily be grouped in three categories: odors, shedding and stains. These seven simple tricks will guarantee a cleaner, fresher pet home in 2014. (Pass them on to a pet-less friend too—maybe they’ll change their mind and adopt a pet)!


Bathe pets regularly

The frequency for bathing should depend on a few factors, including the length of your pet’s coat, condition of their skin and the amount of time they spend outdoors. While over-bathing can lead to dry skin, regular bathing with conditioning shampoo will keep pets clean and comfortable. Obviously, an active dog that spends a lot of time playing outdoors will require more frequent bathings than the couch potato-type pooch.

And yes, you can bathe a cat! However, cats usually do a great job of cleaning themselves. IF your cat is significantly overweight, he or she may have difficulty cleaning all areas of their body, so be mindful of this and bathe them accordingly.

Scoop daily

One of the biggest olfactory offenders is a stinky cat box. Scoop kitty litter daily to clear it of solids and liquids, and add a bit more litter to absorb any remaining dampness. Also, place a small mat or piece of carpet outside your cat’s box to reduce the amount of litter that gets tracked out of the box and into your home.


Often cited as the most difficult pet mess to rid from the home, shedding is nearly unavoidable. However, brushing up on your daily routines can go a long way to eliminating unwanted pet hair on carpets, furniture and drapes.

Brush your pet daily

A few minutes each day—just you, your pet and a grooming comb or brush—will eliminate a vast amount of pet fur tumbleweeds from rolling about the house! Get the kids in on the brushing action, too. Everyone can be responsible for a day or two of grooming per week and this is a great way to bond with your dog or cat for a few minutes each day.

If you have a longhaired cat or dog, you and your pet will benefit from a professional grooming every six-to- eight weeks to control matting and excessive shedding. Those regular baths will come in handy to control excess shedding, too.


Pet stains usually come from the “back end” or the “front end,” if you know what I mean.  The best way to avoid pet stains from the inside of the pet is to keep their diet healthy and not overfeed them.

Feed your pet a quality diet and watch their portion size

Annual or bi-annual vet visits ensure a healthy pet. At your next veterinary visit, talk to your vet about your pet’s diet and portion size.  Healthy, well-measured meals will go a long way to avoiding an accident due to an upset tummy.

No begging policy

Be smart about the treats or people food you offer your pet.  Rich, greasy foods and portion sizes fit for a human, not a pet, will potentially make their way onto your carpet if they make your pet ill.

Wipe down paws

Some stains come from messy feet!Keep a towel handy right by the door to wipe messy paws when your pooch comes inside from playing outdoors. Snowy and rainy seasons make for especially muddy paws, so a quick paw pat with a clean towel will cut down on any unwanted tracks through your home.

Avoid messy treats

Occasionally, a pet causes a stain because they chew on a sticky or color-dyed toy. Or worse, something they dug up when you weren’t looking.  Avoid giving pets treats or bones with color dyes or greasy surfaces or only allow them on hard surfaces rather than carpet.

Have the right clean up tools

Keep your favorite Bissell cleaning product handy – after all, some messes can’t be avoided! My personal “must haves” include the BISSELL SpotBot® Pet to clean tough stains on the carpet or upholstery and, my Total Floors® Pet Deluxe Vacuum with Febreeze filter to manage pet hair and odors.

What are your favorite tips, tricks or tools to manage pet messes in your home? Please share with our BISSELL pet community so that we all might have cleaner, fresh smelling homes!