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Hi! I’m Kristen Levine, lifelong pet lover, pet expert and online influencer.

I help pet parents find solutions to common pet challenges, answer their questions and give them the scoop on the products and services they need to make life with pets better. AND, I’ve created influencer programs to help brands as an advocate, through quality content, promotions and measurable results!


I got my start as a pet expert sharing tips on television in the ‘90s when I was the PR director for the SPCA. Then, I founded and ran a successful pet and veterinary marketing agency for 15 years. Now, I’m a blogger, author, and social media butterfly! I still appear regularly on local and national shows and I leverage my TV experience to create video for social media to inform and engage my audience.


Fun fact:  I’m the only online pet influencer who’s been appearing in print, online and on TV as a pet expert for over 25 years!

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My Pet Brand Influencer Programs Serve the Needs of Both Brand and Pet Parents

As an influencer who has worked in the pet industry for more than 175 dog years, perhaps the greatest value I have to offer your brand is my pedigree of experience. Check out my street cred media kit here!

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I help brands solve influencer marketing challenges by creating engaging content that’s shared with my audience on various platforms. Through guests posts, reviews, broadcast media, lead-generating giveaways, social posts, my email newsletter and more… I help you to reach NEW, targeted pet parents and to accumulate new content assets you can repurpose over time.


I’ll even introduce you to new, vetted pet influencers – saving you the headaches of working with the wrong people.


Plus, I’ll save you time! Not only will I bring you new ideas, but I’ll create, execute and manage the entire program for you. I’ll deliver data-driven reports on our partnership, new opt in email leads, content that can be repurposed, and more.

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Here’s What I Discovered that Helps Pet Brands Save Time and Money with Influencer Marketing

You  know that working with online advocates is essential today – and you know you need them to drive awareness, engagement and third-party validation across your most relevant channels.


But it’s not easy!


First, you have to decide who to work with, figure out what to have them do, wonder if their fees are fair, remind them of deliverables, and then worry they’ll be promoting competitors weeks after they’ve worked with you! And if it doesn’t go well, you’ve wasted time, energy and money.


I’ve discovered that I can best help companies by bundling my content programs based on the campaigns and tactics that have worked best for my clients. I add more value because I’m organized and always motivated to stay on track. So there’s no need to babysit me – like you do with other influencers. I even share Google documents and calendars created just for our work together so you always know what I’m working on and what’s next. And I’m dogged about meeting your objectives!


Clients say they love working with me because I do what I say and my programs delivers results.


Clients Say Nice Things About Working With Me



Hear what some of the pet industry's top brands have to say about working with pet influencer, Kristen Levine.



Three Ongoing Influencer Programs — Pick One to Fit Your Needs, or Customize

I’ve created three unique influencer marketing programs, each delivering consistent content, engagement, and results.


  1. Pet Credible, Month to Month Program: Great for brands seeking a variety of consistent content created by a trusted online influencer.
  2. Pet Credible, Annual Program: A full scope annual influencer program for brands needing a variety of content, promotions and consistent, measurable results.
  3. Pet Credible, Annual EXCLUSIVE: For brands seeking product category exclusivity, this is a full scope annual influencer program delivering a variety of content, promotions and consistent, measurable results. In this program, I work only with you, not your competitors.
  4. Pet Credible, Customized: Perfect for brands that need a customized option. I’ll work with you to tailor a program that fits your current marketing goals, budget, and objectives.

Here’s How We Can Get Started

Below you’ll find detailed outlines and costs for each program. (Keep in mind, they’re customizable to fit your needs). Click on the one that interests you to either purchase or to watch a brief video to get to know me as I detail what your program selection entails.


Click here to purchase your annual influencer program. Click here to purchase your annual influencer program. Click here to purchase your monthly influencer program.

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