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At night, cuddle up and chill out with a furry or feathered friend. “Pets offer a tangible connection to inner happiness and help renew your energy,” says Kristen Levine, author of Pampered Pets on a Budget. Studies show that being around a pet releases feel-good endorphins and elevates calming serotonin and dopamine. Plus, pet owners have less risk for depression and heart disease. Even a goldfish gliding through water can be calming. And pets remind us to live in the moment—perhaps the most soothing message of all.

Conscious Cat Review

I was curious about this book. Advising people to save on pet care expenses can backfire. Recommendations on how to save on veterinary costs published in a 2003 Consumer Reports article essentially stated that you should price shop for veterinary care. While price is certainly one consideration, it shouldn’t be the only one, and it should most definitely not be the most important one when choosing your pet’s family doctor.

Thankfully, the authors of this book do not make this mistake. In the chapter titled “The Value of Your Veterinarian,” Barnes and Levine stress the importance of regular veterinary care, adding that “the relationship you have with your veterinarian may be more important than the one with your regular physician.” Annual wellness visits will actually save you money in the long run, since problems that are detected early tend to be less expensive to address than diseases diagnosed in the latter stages.

The book offers money saving tips on everything from pet adoption to choosing groomers and boarding facilities. The section on pet health insurance contains excellent information to help you decide whether pet insurance is right for you, and how to choose the right plan for your pets. Throughout the book, the authors stress that educated consumers save money. Understand what products and services you are buying, and how decisions based on cost may impact the quality of those products or services.

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I liked the book! Thanks for sending it to me. I agree completely with the contents too. People are always trying to get me to buy their products, because it is “holistic’ or “natural”, but Eli is sensitive and reacts to things, so I run everything by our vet first, whom I trust. Nice to see it in print!

Karen Biehl – New York Celebrity Dog Examiner

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Haute or Not Pets Review

Gordi says. “Hey… I’m all for saving money but I’m not giving up my spa days… woof, woof!”

Pampered Pets On A Budget or PPOAB (as we will refer to the book going forward) arrived in the mail!

Why all the excitement about PPOAB you ask, simple really, it’s co-authored by one our or favorite people in pet industry (and that, so you know, includes a whole lot of people) Kristen M. Levine… Kristen was one of the first “pet people” to really embrace HorN Pets way back when, and has had some really great things to say about us over the past year or so, which why it’s so exciting for us to tell you about her H-A-U-T-E new book, PPOAB.

Way Cool Dogs Review

We received a book in the mail by authors Jeffrey L. Barnes and Kristen M. Levine, titled “Pampered Pets on a Budget,” from Fetching Communications. A small book, it is chock full of all kinds of valuable insight that separates our pets’ nice-to-have items compared to their must-haves!

The bottom line is that you do not have to break the bank to properly care for your pet.

The subtitle of the book explains it all, “Caring for your pet without losing your tail.” Well, many of us have already lost our tails over the last year or two, but a few hints or two won’t hurt anyone at anytime! A few of the main topics are pet adoption, bonding with your pet, the internet is NOT always right, trusted online pet resources, how valuable is your vet, pet health insurance, food as the best pet medicine, how to choose groomers, breeders and boarding facilities.

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The cost for pet health care, food and other supplies have risen just as human health care and food costs have as well. In their new book — Pampered Pets On A Budget: Caring for your pet without losing your tail — Kristen Levine and Jeff Barnes uncover new ways to save on the products and services pet owners need to take great care of their pets… without compromising the pet’s health or the pet owner’s pocketbooks.

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