4 Natural Remedies for Cat Hairballs

By Friday, October 26, 2018

Hairballs – if you’ve ever lived with a cat chances are that at one time or another you’ve come across (or even stepped on) one of these gooey, tubular masses of grossness. Thankfully, there are simple, natural remedies that can make the experience of hairballs a thing of the past.

Thanksgiving Tips for Families with Pet Dogs

By Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Having a dog is a great way to bring joy to family events, especially during the holidays. However, holidays also present their own set of challenges to people with pet dogs--especially holidays that revolve around meals and large gatherings, like Thanksgiving. Pin Me:  If you have a pet dog at home and you want to prepare your home and space so that you can keep everyone in your family healthy and happy during the holiday--including your pup, check out the following tips. Keep Your Dog Busy During Prep Time If you're taking the time to cook a large Thanksgiving meal, it might be hard to keep an eye on your dog, too. Make sure you make arrangements to keep your dog as busy as possible during prep time. That way, he won't get into the food you're making (or the garbage) while you're not able to pay attention to him. Solicit another family member to take the dog on a walk or play with your pup while you cook. Alternatively, look into doggy daycares that can keep your dog while ...