Need some practical gift ideas for your four-legged friends? Check out a few of our favorite pet products from Petlinks®

By Monday, October 14, 2013

Petlinks Scents of Security

Chilly and I are huge fans of Petlinks’ products (as you can tell from our previous review of Petlinks’ Bottle Buddy and Indoor/Outdoor Bed), so I was thrilled for the opportunity to test out more Petlinks products with both Chilly and our two cats, Turtle and Olivia. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your four-legged friend, here are four Petlinks products we recommend you add to your list:

Luxury Lounger – Chilly loves this bed! The couch-style gel-infused memory foam bed is not only made of very high quality materials, but is also extremely soft and comfortable. The Luxury Lounger features a machine washable cover and is available in three different sizes – Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Scents of Security – Not only are these plush dog toys adorable (Chilly walks around with his like a binky!), they’re also great for providing comfort when you can’t be home with your dog or when you have to board them overnight. Available in five different designs – Blanket, Hippo, Lamb, Bear and Kangaroo – Scents of Security toys allow you to stuff a piece of well worn clothing into the toy’s pocket, and your natural scent can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Bamboo Buddy – Turtle loves to hide in this modern cat condo. It offers a sleek tunnel-like cubby for cats to chill out in. The Bamboo Buddy features a dangling catnip toy and faux lambs wool pillow inside the hideout, while the outside surface also serves as a cat scratcher, providing hours of entertainment and relaxation for your feline friend.

Petlinks Crazy Tail

Crazy Tail – This one is Olivia’s favorite. The mouse-shaped spinning string toy provides great indoor exercise for your kitty –Olivia flips out when the tail swishes and then runs around the room trying to sneak up on the toy! Crazy Tail can also be hung on a door knob or fastened to a wall/window using suction cups.

To learn more about these products or other Petlinks products, visit the Petlinks website at or download the catalog.