My SMT Will Help You Rock Your Pet’s Summer With Cool, Quality Finds!

By Wednesday, June 13, 2012

There’s nothing like a Satellite Media Tour (SMT) to get one fired up!  I’m up at 4:30am Friday to go to C&C studios in NYC to rock 20 live TV, radio and Internet news site interviews about summer must-haves for pets!

In case you miss it on air, I’ve included the Q & A session for you below.  I’ll be highlighting some highly reputable, top-notch products that enhance the quality of you and your pet’s life.  Want a hint about the goods? Here you go, but be sure to read on to learn more about each one.

BISSELL’s NEW  Total Floors® Pet Vacuum


Adams™ Flea & Tick Spot On® with Adams™ Smart Shield™ Applicator

Comfort Zone

What’s your favorite pet must-have for summer? I’d love to know.

Here’s the Broll of the products.

Here’s the Q & A for today’s interviews!

What are some toys that occupy my cat, but also better their health and give me some time to myself?

Cats need toys that will keep their attention and will challenge them.  FroliCat toys provide hours of fun exercise for your pet. FroliCat BOLT automatically moves a laser in random patterns so you just turn it on, set it down, and watch your cat chase the red dot around the room and it has a timer that automatically turns off.  FroliCat DART sits on the floor and moves in a complete circle and has extra controls so you can adjust how fast or slow the laser moves and how long it stays on before it turns off.  FroliCat TWITCH is also great because it stimulates their curiosity with a fuzzy ball that automatically moves back and forth.  It can even be set to turn on and off automatically throughout the day so your cat can play while you are away! I love the modern design of FroliCat toys and they look great in my home.  They are also safe, easy to use and  great fun. Cats of all ages– and even dogs — just love them. All three FroliCat toys can be purcased at Wal-mart, Petco or online at

How do I protect my pets from ticks and fleas this summer?

The entire nation has experienced unseasonably warm temperatures since the beginning of winter, which means this year’s flea and tick season will be particularly harsh. Flea and ticks can be a nightmare for your pets, as well as your family, so you want to make sure you’re using a product that is effective and easy to use.  Adams™ Flea & Tick Spot On® treatment now comes with the new Adams™ Smart Shield™ Applicator, which makes applying monthly flea and tick treatment unbelievably quick and simple. Designed with veterinarians’ and pet owners’ input, the new design helps part your pet’s hair and allows you to apply topical treatment straight down to the pet’s skin where the bugs live. It also keeps the mess off of your hands and saves you a costly trip to the vet.  The applicator is available in stores nationwide for both cats and dogs.  For more information about the new Adams™ Smart Shield Applicator and the complete line of Adams™ products, please visit

(Smart Shield is a trademark of Farnam Companies, Inc. Spot On is a registered trademark of Wellmark International.  All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners).

Is there a product out there that helps manage pet stress?

Pets can get stressed when their environment changes, which it often does during summer when your kids are home or when you’re on vacation, and stress causes them to misbehave. Comfort Zone products help reduce stress-related behavior in cats and dogs by mimicking their natural pheromones that help them feel calm and comfortable. Comfort Zone is 95% effective at reducing scratching and urine marking for cats and also helps prevent excessive chewing and barking for dogs.  It’s available as a diffuser or spray for use in home or during travel.  You can learn more on

What are some of the best ways to eliminate pet hair and odors from my home?

Ah, pet hair!  Everyone says if you want a pet, you better like pet hair because it gets everywhere! It’s true that some breeds tend to shed more than others and that their hair and skin can even cause odors but I discovered the BISSELL Total Floors® Pet Vacuum that does double duty by eliminating pet hair and odors from various floor surfaces.  What’s great is it has a crevice tool to suction pet hair away from walls where it accumulates – all without reaching or bending over while vacuuming. It also has attachments that can help get hair off of curtains and other fabric.  I also love it because it uses a Febreze® filter, which eliminates household and pet odors. It’s super easy to use and is available at Wal-Mart stores nationwide and online at and

How do I make sure my pet doesn’t get overheated or suffer from heatstroke in the warmer weather?

Water is probably the number one thing you can do to help your pet from overheating. Water helps regulate body temperate and is vital to the overall health of your pet. It makes up the majority of the body about 80 percent so you want to make sure you always have a fresh bowl of clean water for your pet. Dehydration can cause serious problems, including kidney and heart damage so a general rule of thumb is that most animals should have about 28 milliliters (or one fortieth of a liter) of water per pound of body weight per day. A forty-pound dog needs about a liter of water every day; a ten-pound cat needs about a quarter of a liter. You don’t really need to spend time crunching the numbers, though most healthy animals that have access to clean water will drink enough to keep them hydrated. If you’re worried that your pet isn’t drinking enough, or you see signs of dehydration like depression, sunken eyes or dry gums, take your little furry guy to the veterinarian. Also never ever leave your pet in an unventilated car or crate.  That is the quickest way to cause your pet to overheat and could even lead to death.

What are some tips in general that will make my pet happier?

Pets by nature are happy and most of all, being with their companions makes them happy.  As for the basics, you want to provide adequate shelter and clean, dry bedding, supply clean, fresh water and feed them high quality pet food. You also want to make sure they get daily exercise to help maintain proper body weight so playing with them every day is not only good for their hearts but it’s also good bonding time.  Of course you want to take your pet to the vet for regular check ups and get them groomed as needed. You want to train them to behave appropriately so they know you’re the alpha and will always obey you . Most importantly, just give them the same unconditional love they give you.

Where do I go for more information?

For more tips on how to keep your pets healthy and happy this summer, you can go to the individual product sites listed above or