Mewsings — My Favorite Happy Pet “Tails” of the Month

By Wednesday, April 29, 2015

For most of us, spring is in full swing! Finally! The longer days and warmer weather make it the perfect time to enjoy some time outside with your furry friend.

But if for some reason you’re stuck indoors right now, I’ve got just the thing to make your day sunnier. Take a look at my favorite feel-good pet stories from this month and you’ll be feeling warm and fuzzy in no time!

Bernese Mountain Dog Risks Own Life To Save Two Swimmers From Riptide saves two swimmers

When Nico the Bernese Mountain Dog was rescued from a shelter, his new parents had no idea that soon, HE would be the one doing the rescuing.

Nico was frolicking on Ventura Beach in California with his dad when they heard the cries of two swimmers being swept out to sea. Without hesitation, the dog jumped into the water and pulled the swimmers to shore despite having no known ocean-going experience.

Woman Unknowingly Adopts Dog Who Can Detect Seizures

KTVU Story-Dog detects seizures

Another shelter dog to the rescue! Days after Danielle Zuckerman adopted a friendly pit bull named Thor as a companion for her and her son, the dog started jumping in her lap and barking.

At first, Danielle didn’t understand the behavior but quickly learned it wasn’t a fluke. About 10 – 15 minutes later, Danielle had a seizure. Her seizures, brought on by a prior spinal cord injury, were impossible to detect before Thor began alerting her.

Zuckerman’s doctor says before she has a seizure, she releases hormones that no human can sense, but a dog can. With that knowledge, the early warnings allow her to take a new medication that cuts the length of her seizure from five minutes to 90 seconds.

Rescued Cats Transform Inmates’ Lives With Love At Pendleton Correctional Facility

Huffington Post Article-Rescued cats transform inmates' lives

We often hear stories about the positive effect formal dog-training programs have on inmates. But in one Indiana correctional facility, cats are where it’s at!

At the Pendleton Correctional Facility, an innovative program brings about a dozen shelter cats to live in a renovated office at the prison. Inmates then take turns caring for them.

Dubbed Felines and Offenders Rehabilitation with Affection, Reformation and Dedication (FORWARD), it’s a win-win for both the men and the cats. For the felines, the living quarters are a big improvement over the shelter, with plenty of space to roam freely. For the men, it alleviates stress and gives them something outside of themselves to focus on.