Mewsings: Could Your Pet Do Something Like This?

By Wednesday, August 26, 2015

In my neighborhood, I’ve been watching the kids heading off to class, loaded down with books and dressed to the nines in their new school clothes. It made me start thinking that I should send my dog Chilly back to school to learn a few new things, too.

Of course, no matter what impressive trick Chilly learns, it would hardly compare to the dog who dialed 911 in one of my favorite pet stories of the month. I’m not complaining, though. If Chilly knew how to dial the phone, he’d probably just use it to order himself extra dog biscuits and a dozen new squeaky toys.

I hope you enjoy and are touched by this month’s amazing pet stories. And I also hope you’ll think about going back to school with your pet, too. It’s a great way to grow your bond and make fun memories!

Quick Thinking Dog Dials 911 to Rescue Her Human from a House Fire

Barkpost - Dog Calls 911

When the house she shares with her blind owner, Maria Colon, caught on fire, Yolanda leaped into action and called 911. A service dog trained to dial 911 on a specialized telephone, this is actually the second time Yolanda has come to her owner’s rescue by calling the authorities. Last year, Maria fell in the home and was knocked unconscious.

Maria and Yolanda were both treated for smoke inhalation on and then happily reunited. They were displaced by the blaze and are being assisted by Red Paw Emergency Relief Team and the American Red Cross.

Protective Cat Wakes Up Family to Stop Intruder

Cat alerts family to intruder

Abbi the cat woke up her owner, Victoria Rumsey, running up and down the halls. As most kitty parents know, this behavior isn’t all that unusual. But Abbi was also growling and refused to be calmed.

That’s when Victoria looked out the window and noticed the back gate was open – definitely unusual. Upon further investigation, she discovered that the key to her back door was missing, and immediately called the police.

They eventually arrested a 35-year-old man who was letting himself into houses through back gates. But Abbi made sure that wasn’t going to happen in her house.

Therapy Dog Colonel Helps Brain-Injured Boy Heal

Boy with brain injury meets therapy dog

In 2009, six-year-old Caleb Howard was involved in a horrific car crash that killed his mother, brother and sister, and left Caleb with a traumatic brain injury.

Caleb’s progress was slow and at times, almost imperceptible. That is, until he was introduced to trained therapy dog, Colonel. In the video at the link, Caleb responds to the sweet pup almost immediately. With Colonel’s patient encouragement, Caleb regained motor control and mobility, and his personality once again began to emerge.

Today, according to his father, Caleb is doing great, attends regular school and receives good grades.

Which story was your favorite this month? Tell me in the comments below.