Four Pet Promises You Should Make in 2015

By Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A promise is easier to keep than a New Year’s resolution. Nearly 45% of us make resolutions and 75% of us keep them—for the first week. Sadly, by mid-year, half of us have given up, according to the website

Politicians aside, a promise is easier to keep, especially if it benefits those we love—including our pets. Making commitments to benefit others definitely ups the pressure not to stray from success.

So, these are the four promises I’m making on behalf of my pets this year. If I’m successful keeping them, not only will my pet’s already ‘charmed lives’ be even better, but I should also be able to save money and help others pets in the process.

Please join me in making these four promises to your pets so we can capitalize on camaraderie (and peer pressure) to succeed!


My favorite Norman Rockwell painting.
Image by Cliff.

Promise to keep pets healthy! Pets’ lives are just too short. Do everything in your power to maintain their health and their longevity. Start by making their veterinary wellness appointment for 2015. Preventative care is much less costly than reactive care.

The overwhelming reason people skip their pets’ wellness vet visits has to do with money. But that’s rolling the dice with your pet’s health. The good news is that pet insurance exists to protect you from the unplanned costs associated with that illness or injury that sends you and your pet to the vet hospital.

As a shameless advocate for pet insurance, my best advice for you is to learn more about it at Petplan’s “Know the Facts” page. (Petplan is an affiliate partner of Kristen Levine Pet Living, therefore you can receive 10% off an annual policy with code PETLVG.)

In addition to making and keeping our pets’ vet appointments, I’ll be helping Chilly maintain his ideal weight with daily walks and playtime and by blocking my husbands’ habit of sneaking Chilly those table-side treats!

“Turdie time” each morning.

“Turdie time” each morning.

Promise to strengthen your pet bond. This is perhaps the easiest and most enjoyable promise of all. It only takes minutes a day. Spending more time with your dog, cat, or (insert four-legged, finned or feathered friend here), reduces your blood pressure, heart rate, stress levels and even results in your body producing oxytocin—the feel good hormone.

Besides a raw marrowbone or a toke on a catnip-filled mouse, there’s nothing your pet would rather do than be with you! (Catnip is still legal in all 50 states).

You should see the look on Chilly’s face when I say “where’s your ball” or, “want to go for a walk?” Sheer joy ensues! And each morning, my cat Turtle (aka “Turdie”) joins me on the sofa for coffee and quiet time. I sip and scratch behind her neck and she snuggles and purrs with pleasure. I can tell this is her favorite time of the day.

So, for your own health and your pet’s enjoyment, take time each day to honor and build that silent bond.

Chilly’s adoption day at the SPCA. Tampa Bay Times, January 16, 2010.

Chilly’s adoption day at the SPCA.
Tampa Bay Times, January 16, 2010.

Promise to help a pet cause. All of us have a pet cause that tugs at our heartstrings. Whether it’s helping homeless pets find forever homes, eradicating pet cancers or supporting organizations that provide war veterans with service or therapy dogs, identify that cause that is most meaningful to you and determine how you will support it.

Awareness is key to getting more people to take action in supporting a cause. You can be a catalyst for that action by giving your time, money or your own abilities to benefit the cause.

My own mission is to make pet adoption the first choice for families wanting to add a furry member. 2015 will be the year that I determine how I can use my platform, Kristen Levine Pet Living, to help more pets get adopted into loving, forever homes. I look forward to sharing that with you all later this year.

Pampered Pets on a BudgetPromise to budget for pets. It’s rare to find a pet parent who knows how much they spend on their pets annually. Whether you find it challenging or not to fund your pet’s needs, it’s important to understand what you spend for their care. Knowing that dollar amount will help you plan for it and can also help you find ways to save. If there’s money left over, you’ll have it available for other important expenditures.

I wrote a book three years ago called Pampered Pets on a Budget, Caring for Your Pet Without Losing Your Tail, specifically to show pet lovers how to best afford pet care—considering the hundreds of dollars needed annually just for food and veterinary care.

My own next step on this promise is to develop a pet budgeting process to help others more easily afford pet care and all that it entails.

Now that I’ve committed my pet promises here for all to see, I’d better get busy making them happen! First, Chilly needs a walk. It’s a warm, sunny January day here in Florida 🙂 . I have no excuse to deny him one of his greatest pleasures.

Do you have a promise or resolution you’ll be making on behalf of your pets not mentioned in this blog? Share it with me in the comments!

Meanwhile, here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015 for you and yours!


Kristen Levine