Employee Productivity to Improve, Friday, June 20

By Monday, June 16, 2014

(Original publication date, June 16, 2014)

Employee Productivity to Improve on Friday, June 20th

National Take Your Dog to Work Day Celebrates 15th Year

Publish to blog, June 9, 2014

Work can be stressful. Pets reduce stress. Why not put the two together?

Instead of working like a dog, businesses and professionals around the world are encouraged to work with a dog on Take Your Dog To Work Day, held Friday, June 20th. The event, designed to help better the lives of shelter dogs everywhere will mark Take Your Dog to Work Day’s 15th annual celebration.

This workday-for-dogs was created by Pet Sitters International (PSI) in 1999 to celebrate canine companionship and to demonstrate to dog-less co-workers the joy pets can bring to their lives. PSI believes that through TYDTWD, people without dogs will see the loving bond their co-workers have with their pets and will consider adopting orphaned pets for their own.

The annual event also encourages employers to experience the value of pets in the workplace—even if just for one day. Studies show that pets in the workplace boost employee morale, productivity and even sales.

Several years ago, an America Pet Product Association survey indicated that one in five companies allow pets in the workplace.  According to the survey, the majority of employees felt that pets in the workplace led to a more creative environment, decreased absenteeism, improved productivity and helped co-workers get along better.

Obey the rules

Pet Sitters International takes a positive approach to boosting dog adoptions with a fun, interactive and dog-centric web site, for cubicle-dwelling canine enthusiasts and bosses alike, seeking information on how to get involved.

Be sure to check with the office’s top dog before bringing Rover in for a day of labor. Obviously, not every workplace is appropriate for canines. Take an honest look at your dog’s temperament. If he’s overly shy or aggressive, leave him at home.

12 Tips for Dog Day Success

  • Inform co-workers in advance of an employee or employees who will be bringing a  dog to the office to make sure there are no surprises or concerns
  • Dog-proof the office (especially if puppies will be present) by covering garbage cans, exposed wires, and remove toxic materials from snouts reach such as ink, toner, white out, etc.
  • Create and post guidelines and canine etiquette rules for staff to follow.
  • Practice obedience training with your dog beforehand to polish his manners
  • Bring a leash in case your dog is apt to wander from your work area
  • Bring plenty of toys and treats to reward for good behavior
  • Make sure you have adequate water and food to meet your pet’s needs
  • Coordinate your breaks to take your pooch out to do his “business”
  • Have clean up supplies ready!
  • Be considerate of other workers, minimize dogs disruptive barking or panting
  • Be on the lookout for signs of stress (panting, licking, whining,)
  • Have a backup plan for taking the dog home if he is not comfortable in the work environment.

If company policy won’t allow you to bring your dog to work or if you have a rambunctious dog, you can still celebrate! Bring in a photo of your furry friend or organize a fundraiser at the office to benefit a local shelter.

Ultimately, TYDTWDay is about encouraging pet adoptions from shelters, humane societies and rescue groups. Participation helps save the lives of homeless shelter animals in your area and around the world!