Can CBD Oil Help My Anxious Dog?

By Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Dig this… a portion of this post is sponsored, but opinions are my own and 110% “paw-thentic”!

Anxiety in dogs can not only make them feel bad emotionally, but excessive stress can also affect their entire health and wellbeing. Not to mention, bad behavior, such as urine marking, can become prevalent in anxious pets.

This year for Pet Anxiety Awareness (PAAW) Month, I’m presenting the best of the best in anti-anxiety products for pets and I just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t mention CBD oil.

Trending Anxiety Treatment for Dogs

There’s no question that using CBD oil for pets is one of the hottest trends, and it continues to pick up steam. This oil can effectively and naturally treat a variety of problems such as anxiety issues and joint pain.

Still, I was hesitant to try it for Chilly because the vast amount of options are absolutely overwhelming, but when I learned of the benefits I was intrigued to find out what makes CBD oil so effective in treating anxiety in dogs.

What is the Difference between Cannabis and CBD?

Cannabis and CBD have been widely talked about in the media, but what are they exactly? Cannabis is marijuana. Cannabis is not what we are discussing today, but rather it’s cousin– CBD (cannabidiol). Let me repeat, CBD oil is not marijuana.

“While CBD is a component of marijuana (one of hundreds), by itself it does not cause a high. CBD is completely legal and available all over the US and elsewhere.

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How to choose CBD Oil for your Dog.

Where do I get CBD Oil for my Pet?

Could you find CBD oil on eBay or in a sketchy shop? Most definitely. However, not all “CBD oil” is authentic or approved for pets. There are many poor quality hemp CBD products on the market that have not been tested, with inaccurate dosing instructions and misleading labeling. Please do not use any non-reputable sources of CBD oil on your pet, or yourself for that matter.

After talking to a few of my veterinary friends, I discovered ElleVet. ElleVet ® Sciences produces the best hemp CBD product on the market and is trusted by the country’s best veterinarians. But what makes their products so great?

A Natural Anxiety Treatment for Dogs

ElleVet has all of the scientific data to back up their health claims and they are the only hemp CBD products tested by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in a clinical trial. They’ve also completed extensive safety studies, as well as studies on how ElleVet metabolizes in dogs and cats so that they can be 100% sure the recommended dosing is correct. Check out some of the pros of their products!

  • Full spectrum CBD. ElleVet products are not a hemp CBD isolate. They are full spectrum. This produces better results and makes for the highest quality product possible.
  • Their potency is very high. In fact, you get more mg per ml in their product than any other full spectrum hemp CBD product on the market. This provides the most effective result for your pet.
  • 100% Organic. From the hemp to the chew ingredients and even the carrier oils use, everything they use is organic.
  • No side effects. It’s very rare for a health product to be without risk, but these products seem to be just that! Even in high doses, there are no known side effects.
  • Fast results. Every dog is different, but over 80% of dogs showed significant improvement within a week and some in as little as 24 hours! In average, it takes 48 hours to one week to see positive results.

I always present the entire truth to my readers, so I genuinely tried to come up with some cons for these products. However, I have seen no negatives whatsoever. They are perfect and I’m in love with their results on Chilly.

I noticed an almost immediate change in Chilly when we started using ElleVet chews about an hour before we would leave him alone. They gave him a calming effect without making him drowsy like many medications out there. I have found that natural anxiety products are typically gentle and don’t produce a sedating effect, so that’s one reason I opt for them when it makes sense.

As well as giving him a nice calm, the chews are also great for joint issues and to soothe the pain. Since Chilly is getting older, I think these will be a great permanent addition to his health regimen to keep him feeling his best — both physically and emotionally.

CBD Oil or CBD Oil Chews for Anxiety?

EllVet CBD products come in two forms at the moment– oils and chews. Chilly has been using their chews as a supplement to his anti-anxiety regime. I opted for the chews because they come in peanut butter flavor, which Chilly absolutely digs!

The oils are better for certain dogs though, such as if:

  • Your dog has food allergies or skin sensitivities.
  • Your dog is a picky eater. The oil can just be added to their usual food without detection.
  • You have a BIG pup. It’s a better bang for your buck to buy the oil if you need a large quantity for your big dog.

The effects of the oil are also said to last a bit longer than the chews. We love the chews for Chilly, but every pup is different.

Should You Give ElleVet CBD Products a Shot?

It’s always a good idea to speak to your veterinarian about options for your dog’s anxiety. ElleVet may be just the thing your dog needs to give his mood and mobility a boost. In as little as 48 hours, you could see a difference in your dog by using this natural pet product!