Chilly Gives Petlinks’ Bottle Buddy and Gel-Infused Memory Foam Bed Products 2 Paws Up!

By Tuesday, July 16, 2013

As you know, Chilly LOVES to check out the latest innovations in pet products, which is why he was thrilled to provide his opinion on two great products from Petlinks: the Bottle Buddy™ and Gel-Infused Memory Foam Bed.

Chilly, like all dogs, has a natural urge to chew, which is why the Petlinks Bottle Buddy is a great addition to his chew toy collection!  The product comes in two designs made from rubber – a ball and a cross – both of which holds four plastic bottles. This is a great product for the environmentally conscious pet parent because a Bottle Buddy will work with nearly any plastic bottle.  In fact, I simply took some disposable water bottles I had in my office and screwed them into the Bottle Buddy ball and voila!  I had a ready-made chew toy that Chilly had tons of fun with!Petlinks Chilly & Bed

Of course, after excitedly playing with the Bottle Buddy, it was time for Chilly to take a breather and relax on Petlinks’ Indoor/Outdoor Bed.  Chilly really loved lying down on the bed, especially because it features a comfortable, densified fiber filling that always maintains its shape – in other words, no matter how many times Chilly plops down on it to rest his aching paws, it will always keep its shape!  Plus, the Indoor/Outdoor bed features a durable, moisture-and UV-resistant fabric making it the ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor relaxation.

The Bottle Buddy retails for around $14 and the Indoor/Outdoor Beds range from $74.99 to $89.99.  Chilly highly recommends you try these products out with your dogs – believe me, they’ll thank you!

Note: Chilly was not financially compensated for this review, however, he did receive the products at no cost to him, to try out and offer his opinion.