Fun Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

By Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Every year on August 26, dog parents and other dog lovers across the nation celebrate National Dog Day. This is a day, not only to recognize and appreciate the special pooch in your life, but also to raise awareness of the number of dogs waiting for rescue and adoption – so we’ve rounded up a few ways to do both!

7 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

Of course, you could observe National Dog Day by simply giving your dog a nice big hug to let him know how much he means to you (and you probably would do that any day of the year!) But if you want to take it to the next level, here are a few fun ideas.

1. Adopt, Don’t Shop!

If you’ve been thinking about adding another furry family member, National Dog Day is the perfect time to adopt a dog from your local shelter or rescue organization. Even if you can’t provide a fur-ever home for a dog in need, there’s plenty that you can do to help. Donate blankets, food, or toys to a shelter or volunteer to spend some time walking and playing with dogs or cleaning cages – there’s sure to be plenty to do!

2. Get Social

Encourage others to adopt by sharing some of your favorite kodak moments of you and your adopted or rescued pooch on Facebook, Instagram, or whatever social network is your favorite. Or, find adoptable pets online in your community, and share their pictures and links to how to adopt.

3. Check Your Home

When was the last time you did a safety check of your home? Dog proofing is a super important step in keeping your tail-wagging friend safe, and there may be some hidden doggy hazards in your own home. Here is a helpful list of dangers that pet parents should be aware of.

4. Have a Party

Throw a party for the dog parents in your life, and invite them to bring their dogs along too. To keep it interesting for both your furry and non-furry guests, you may want to plan some fun games that everyone can play together.

5. Display a Picture of Your Dog

If you’re good with a camera, National Dog Day is a great excuse to take your furry friend out for a photo shoot. You’ll end up with a new portrait you can display, and you’ll both get to enjoy some bonding time in the process.


If photography is not your thing, consider hiring a professional to photograph your dog. You could also have a portrait painted. I love these by MyPoochFace.

6. Shower Your Dog With Gifts

What dog wouldn’t love a new toy (or 3 0r 4)? Go ahead and buy that special toy, and then spend some time together breaking it in. Or you could treat your dog to a stylish new collar and leash or a nice comfy doggie bed.

7. Do Something Your Dog Enjoys

If your dog could talk, he’d probably tell you that there’s nothing better than a little extra attention from you. Spend some extra time brushing him or teaching him a new trick. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, take him for a romp at the local dog park or a nice run on the beach.

However you choose to observe National Dog Day, you’re sure to have a fur-bulous time celebrating man’s best friend.

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