Olivia’s All-Time Favorite Holiday Gifts for Cats

By Monday, December 10, 2018

Chew on this: I may receive a small commission for affiliate links, but all products I “dig up” are ones I paw-thentically love!

The excitement for the holidays is building and my efforts to get my shopping done early continues. Shopping online is a huge time saver for me. It helps me get my shopping done easily so that I can focus on what’s most important – spending time with my loved ones (kitties and pups included)!

Earlier in the month, I gave you 12 gift ideas for the sweet pups in your life. Now, its time to focus on our equally-important feline friends. My sweet kitty, Olivia, and I have compiled a list of purr-fect gift ideas to wow all of your feline BFF’s!

11 Best Ever Holiday Gifts for Cats

Catit Cat Flower Fountain

Sometimes our kitties tend to avoid their water bowls. In fact, in the past, Olivia would go all day without touching her standard water bowl. Interestingly, this habit comes from a natural instinct that cats have. If they were in the wild, moving water would typically be cleaner than standing water. Also, moving water tends to be cooler and more oxygenated. Olivia especially loves the Catit Flower Fountain and I love that it keeps her hydrated!

Catit Lillypad Tray

Olivia and Chilly are both messy eaters. I like to use the Catit Lillypad Tray to keep my floors clean and protected from water damage and it goes great with the Catit Flower Fountain. An added bonus for me is the fact that it’s dishwasher safe!

Raised Food or Water bowl for Cats

Vets Recommend that cats eat from an elevated height to prevent vomiting and acid reflux. Olivia likes to chow down at this one. Its bowl sits at a height of five inches, purr-fect for any feline friend!


Sleepypod Mini Pet Bed & Traveler

Like many cats, Olivia isn’t a big fan car rides, particularly long trips. I’ve discovered that if I make her nice and cozy, like she would be at home, she’s so much happier when we reach our destination. In fact, sometimes Olivia is so comfy that she sleeps for most of the car ride. The Mini Pet Bed and Traveler has been essential to our car travels.

Smiling Paws Pets Four-Way Expandable Pet Carrier

And for my jet-setter kitty friends, I love the Smiling Paw Pets Four-Way Expandable Carrier. This one is airline approved. It expands in four directions for ample room to stretch. Not to mention, Olivia loves that the sides are mesh, so she can keep an eye on me at all times.


MEOWFIA Wool Cat Bed Cave

Over the years, I have bought numerous pet beds, only to have most of them end up unused indefinitely. One of the few exceptions to this has been the Mewfia Cat Cave. Kitties love to hide away and curl up in this cozy little cave. Another reason to love this cat cave is the fact that it looks absolutely chic in any space!

Petmate Jackson Galaxy Butterfly Ball

As Olivia gets older, it becomes more difficult to find toys she will actually use. It’s important to me though, that she stays active. The Butterfly Ball from Petmate® has been a great toy for my sweet kitty! The realistic fluttering of the butterfly seems to bring back the energy that Olivia had as a kitten!


ThunderEase Cat Calming Pheromone Diffuser Kit

With all the holiday hustle and bustle, there’s sure to be stress! Unfortunately, kitties sometimes display bad behavior because of their stress. This can include scratching and urine marking. The ThunderEase Cat Calming Diffuser Kit uses natural pheromones to keep your feline friends calm and happy.

Kitty Cot Original Cat Perch

Every morning Olivia is eager to go to the window and watch the world go by. Watching her peer outside is free entertainment for myself as well because her reaction to seeing all the wild critters is just adorable! The Kitty Cot Perch makes it comfortable and safe for her to lounge by the window all day if she wants! A must for any wild-hearted indoor kitties!

Litter-Robot 3 Connect

The Litter-Robot 3 has been more useful to me than I ever imagined! Not only does it free me from my litter box duties, but it also helps me monitor Olivia’s health right from my phone! Even when I’m away from home, I can keep an eye on her litter box use by using the Connect App. This product, along with my favorite kitty litter, keeps my house odor free!

World’s Best Cat Litter

My favorite litter is of course, the World’s Best Cat Litter. It truly lives up to the name and has been a staple in our household for years. This is the best clumping cat litter with outstanding odor control. You can choose from one of their seven different formulas, Clumping, Multiple Cat Clumping, Lavender-Scented Multiple Cat Clumping, Attraction Action, Zero Mess, Zero Mess Pine-Scented, and their Picky Cat Formula. Their Picky Cat Formula is especially helpful for fussy felines!

Olivia and I hope this list of goodies gives you a great jump start on your holiday shopping!