Must Have Gifts for Pet Parents – Protecting your pet, your pocketbook, and your home

By Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Before I dig into today’s topic, I’m excited to share with you that this Friday, Kristen Levine Pet Living debuts on a morning talk and entrainment show called Daytime! You can see it on over 135 stations across the United States.

Actually, I’ve been appearing on Daytime since my days at the SPCA, promoting pet adoption and offering pet parenting advice. Now, I’m delighted to have a more formal, recurring segment to help viewers live happier, healthier lives through pets.

Friday’s show features my recommendations for “must have” gifts for pet parents. And here’s a sneak peek for YOU, my Pet Living tribe!

5 Ways to Save on Pet Care Without Shortchanging Your Pet

By Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Every time I run into Dr. Marty Becker at a pet industry event, two things happen.

First, he makes me laugh—really belly laugh (he has a great sense of humor)! Then, he teaches me something new about pet care, which I’m happy to share with you today.

I caught up with America’s Veterinarian in Las Vegas at Superzoo, where he shared five simple steps to save on pet care, without shortchanging your pet.

In today’s Pet Living TV episode, Dr. B breaks it down for us. Are you doing all five of these steps for your pet? What’s missing?