A Influencer Program Success Story – World’s Best Cat Litter

By Monday, February 6, 2017

For cat parents who demand the best for their furry friends, World’s Best Cat Litter delivers. The Iowa-based company’s kitty litter is made from sustainable corn with no added chemicals, making it pet, people, and planet friendly. It’s 99% dust-free, flushable, and is excellent at controlling odors. The unique positioning of WBCL has landed it on shelves in big box stores as well as independent retailers. To help spread their marketing message, expand their reach, and raise brand awareness amongst their target market of discerning cat parents, World’s Best Cat Litter has partnered with Kristen Levine Pet Living for the past four years. What began as recurrent guest posts on the WBCL blog has evolved into a thriving influencer marketing partnership. Using a variety of mediums, programs, and services, Kristen has connected the company with an enthusiastic audience of devoted, caring, concerned cat moms and dads. “Kristen is a credible, authentic influencer who has deep insight into the minds of pet owners,” says Jean Broders, Senior Brand Manager of World’s Best Cat Litter. “She understands our need for ROI and works ...

No one reading your content? Here’s how to change that.

By Monday, October 17, 2016

It’s true. Content is king. But content all by itself is like a tree falling in the woods. No one hears (or reads) it.

Distribution is what crowns content “king.”

Many pet-positive brands like yours are creating and publishing superb content to educate, enlighten and entertain pet parents, while positioning their brand as an expert resource. And savvy content publishers establish partners to increase their reach exponentially.