Boomer women and their pets – a relationship that definitely gets better with age!

By Monday, June 24, 2013

I’ve mentioned in a previous post how baby boomers are not only the fastest growing segment of pet parents, but also the largest spenders. Now, a recent survey conducted by reveals how deep a boomer woman’s love, concern for and dedication to their four-legged friend runs.

When boomer women were asked if they consider their pet to be “part of the family,” 100% responded “yes.” The survey also found that, of the respondents:

  • 8% carry pet insurance – nearly double the average for U.S. pet parents
  • 73% spend $50 or more per month on pet supplies – higher than the national average
  • Top sources for learning about new products and services for their pet are: In-Store (61%), online research (53%) and friends (44%).
  • Top “pet concerns” include: Difficulty making travel plans because of their pet (54%), cost of health care for their pet (48%), their pet’s comfort and safety while they’re at work (48%), and wanting to provide better nutrition and more opportunity for exercise for their pet (46%).

As the largest and most affluent pet-loving female demographic in the U.S, boomer women can prove to be a goldmine for brands that can effectively earn their trust and offer them practical and valued pet solutions.

By the way, I’m excited to attend the Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit this week at Santa Clara University. I’ll be speaking and networking with companies and entrepreneurs who serve the boomer, senior and caregiver marketplace. Make sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for updates from the summit!

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