A Virtual Pet Companion for Seniors: GeriJoy’s Talking Dog Helps Seniors Suffering from Loneliness

By Friday, April 5, 2013

Countless studies have shown that pets can help combat depression and loneliness through the social interaction and emotional connection they offer their owners. However, owning and caring for a pet is a big responsibility, commitment and expense, and therefore may not work with many seniors’ lifestyles.

Thanks to GeriJoy, seniors can now fill that void with the company’s new, virtual talking dog. Victor Wang, an alumnus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), was inspired to start GeriJoy after his grandmother, who lives alone, started to suffer from depression and suicidal symptoms.

Touted by AARP as one of the most innovative companies in senior care, GeriJoy makes talking pets that run as a software service on tablet-based devices. The virtual companion provides lonely seniors with the availability and unconditional love of a pet, combined with the ability to talk with true intelligence and compassion. Through sophisticated, patent-pending software, the pet reacts realistically to touch and care from the senior, and because it lives inside the tablet, it can deliver the health benefits of pet therapy without the smells, allergies, cleaning up, bites, food or veterinary bills that come with owning a “live” pet.

For more information about GeriJoy and its virtual talking pets, visit www.gerijoy.com.