A Simple Change for the Health of the Planet and Your Cat – ökocat [Review]

By Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dig this… a portion of this post is sponsored, but opinions are my own and 110% “pawthentic”!

Having just observed Earth Day and Arbor Day, it’s only natural that we would be thinking of ways to make more earth-friendly choices in our lives. And as cat parents, if we can think of ways to help our furry friends reduce their carbon paw prints, all the better!

I believe in using all natural pet products whenever possible. Not only is it good for the planet, but many natural products are better for our pets too. And I’m sure that, like me, you’ll pounce on any opportunity to keep your favorite feline happier and healthier.

The pet industry is growing more green every year. It’s easier and easier to find natural foods and treats, toys made from recycled materials, collars and bedding made from sustainable resources, and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

One area that many cat parents overlook in their efforts to go green is the litter box. The type of litter you use makes a big difference, not only to you and your cat, but to the planet as well! Many cat parents use clay litter because it’s widely available and has a reputation for good clumping and odor control. Clay litter does have a dark side, though.

The Scoop on Clay Litter

Clay is not a sustainable resource. The clay used to make cat litter is often obtained by strip mining. As a matter of fact, over 2 million tons of clay are mined in the US every year, just to be turned into cat litter. Yikes!

Clay is not biodegradable. After you throw out that bag of used clay litter, it’s going to spend eternity sitting in a landfill. That adds up to a pretty serious environmental issue!

It can be dusty. If you’ve ever used clay cat litter, you’re familiar with the cloud of dust that lingers in the air every time you pour, clean, or change the litter. What goes up must come down, and eventually this dust is bound to settle on floors or furniture around your home. Ew!

It can contain chemicals or perfumes that are irritating to cats or cat parents. Litters made from bentonite clay contain silica dust, which is unhealthy for people and cats. People (or cats) with respiratory issues or asthma may be sensitive to the heavy perfumes used in many clay litters to mask odors.

And, even if your cat’s lungs are in tip top shape, remember that his sense of smell is much stronger than yours. So his sensitive kitty nose probably won’t appreciate the overpowering scent. This can lead to litter box avoidance issues in some cats. Think about it: How would you feel if you were hit with an overwhelming scent of some pungent flower every time you walked into your bathroom? Chances are that you wouldn’t be in  a hurry to spend much time in there!

If you want to improve the health of your cat, your home, and the environment, it’s time to toss the clay! But what alternatives are there? Trees are a sustainable resource that you may have never thought of as a source for pet products.

A Planet-Friendly Alternative

Maybe you shy away from using a natural cat litter out of fear that it won’t control odor or will be harder to scoop out of the litter box. Let me put your mind at ease! Natural litters have come a long way. Cat lovers no longer need to sacrifice performance when going green!

If you’re thinking of giving non-clay litter a try, ökocat is a great choice! It’s made from reclaimed, sustainable materials and is 100% biodegradable, so it won’t still be sitting in a landfill generations from now. The reclaimed fallen timber and unused lumber materials that make up this litter are naturally absorbent. As a matter of fact, the wood fiber in ökocat absorbs more than 5X its weight in liquid!

Because of its exceptional absorption, you end up using less, and that means that you buy less often. One small box can last almost 2 months for a one cat family. That’s twice as long as traditional clay litter!

Probably the most important factor to consider in a litter is odor control. With ökocat, fibers from good ol’ Mother Nature trap and lock in the odors instead of masking them with artificial scents and perfumes. This natural process results in incredible 7 day odor control. That means you won’t smell the odors your cat leaves behind, and ökocat’s subtle natural scent won’t be a perfumey reminder that there’s a litter box in the room either!

Cat parents will also appreciate that ökocat is naturally lightweight, so you can lift it up to pour without fear of throwing your back out.  It’s virtually dust free too, helping to keep your home cleaner and healthier.

Cats Love it Too

Let’s not forget, also, that our feline friends can be a little finicky about their purr-sonal space! To accommodate different preferences and needs, ökocat comes in five formulas.

Wood Clumping is made up of soft, cracked pellets. Soft Step Natural Wood Clumping features a finer texture for delicate paws. Dust Free  is made from white paper pellets which contain no inks, dyes or scents and are great for anyone sensitive to dust or allergens. Natural Wood Pine Litter features cracked wood pellets and relies on the power of pine’s natural ability to destroy ammonia odors for up to seven days. And  Natural Wood Long Hair Clumping variety is specially designed for long-haired cats that tend to get cat litter stuck in their fur.

Check out Okocat.com for a store near you, or you can find it on Amazon.

So if you’re crazy about your cat and want a healthy, green choice, say goodbye to clay litter and hello to 100% all-natural ökocat. It’s sure to keep you, your cat, and the planet purring!

This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions and anecdotes are my own, and I never promote any products or brands I don’t believe in. ~Petfully yours, Kristen